"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Family full of taggers

Aw, cute -- Grant carved his name into the kitchen table. Well, not really cute. There was upset and then lemonade made out of lemons hence the start of this blog in the hopes to turn some of life's frustrations into cute things I'll miss when the kids are gone.

This morning while gathering laundry for the day, I find this little jewel on the side of one of the girl's bedside tables:

And so begins the detective work. 1) we know it's not Eliza. 2) this person has sisters. 3)would this person do this on their own table? and 4) is someone being framed?

And no one will 'fess up and it is so hard to get upset at this to the extent that I would like to due to the content of the message. I feel that punishments should fit the crime so does that mean when I find the culprit, I should take a sharpie to their forehead and write "We love you too"? How will that be perceived at school tomorrow?

One thing I do know, this has GOT to stop. And by the way, Grant put this in the steam on the window during bathtime:

He says it was written in "haunted". I didn't even know that was a font. I think these kids need some more paper and refrigerator magnets.

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  1. I get a lot of hearts with "I love you Momma" scrawled on everything. How am I supposed to get mad about that? Still...she's not cleaning it off.