"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas reflection

Finally, the Christmas decorations are put away. Taking them down is so hard for me because it makes me just a little bit melancholy. It's funny how a bright and shiny tree can look so inviting all through December and yet so stale sitting in the corner too far into January. I guess keeping Christmas in your heart all year 'round does not include keeping it in the living room corner. And so it is all finally put away. But here are some memories that I'm not eager to put away too soon.

1) We got a new mattress. It was long over due. Now there are no excuses for not hopping out of bed at 5:30 a.m well rested and ready to meet the day - Ha! In the process of changing out the old mattress, we left it in our family room just a minute too long. And there it had to remain for a week due to popular demand. It was a fort. It was a slide. It was a trampoline. And it eventually became a fight club ring. The kids had a ball and would have traded every present under the tree if I would only let the family room mattress become a permanent fixture. Sorry guys!

2) Ah, the Buzzby guns. I'm waiting for a recall to be issued on those. One would think that being a generic version of the Nerf dart gun would mean half the reliability of the product the manufacturers are trying to knock-off. Not so. Those suckers sting like a son-of-a-gun. Trust me. Last night I had to hide under the double duvet covers of my bed just to escape the onslaught by a man still tickled by the sheer power those dart guns punch. Wish I could put them away as easily as the other Christmas stuff.

3) Christmas firsts.

4) And then ... Grant and I came home from an afternoon of Christmas shopping. Temps had dipped into the teens and then single digits and it was colder than cold. We came through the door with our wares and I sent him down to the finished basement to retrieve some item for me. He came running up the stairs hollering and informed me that water was pouring from the ceiling and that he hadn't done it. Poor guy. Sure enough, Niagara falls was coming from every recessed light and I'm not sure how, but as I scanned the unfinished basement portion, I turned the first faucet and it was the water main. Thank heavens for inspiration. Newel was out of town for work and so the recovery efforts due to frozen pipes were entirely up to me. The Fire and Water Restoration team were fantastic and have gone above and beyond getting us back on our feet. I put this as a good memory because the contractors are upgrading the basement as we speak with sound proofing. No more amplified noise from the basement wild rumpus. This could be the best "accident" that ever happened to us. And we must have been living right, because the only damage was cosmetic to the house and all else was safe.

5) It was just so nice to be together and enjoy each other's company. Good friends and neighbors, new snow, and the companionship of my favorite people. I could have eaten it all up with a spoon!

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  1. I hear you. Our holidays were darned near perfect, and I was so sad for them to be over. On the other hand, I partied so hard that I am now home from church with a sinus something-or-other.

    Your mattress story reminds me of when we got new carpet. Our old carpet was really, really dead. We told the kids that they could write on it the week before the new carpet came. It was so much fun. They left love notes for each other all over, and drew valentines for everyone. We had to really emphasize to the little kids that we were NOT going to draw on the new carpet!