"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I love that we live out in the countryside but I also love that we are only a very short distance from the city. I do so enjoy what the city has to offer. The restaurants, the activities and events, the arts, the sports venues. It is every bit as fun and exciting to me as the country is.

This weekend our "organization" had a fund raising gala at a downtown hotel. It's our Oscar party of the year. We get to dress up, have a fancy dinner, try to sound intelligent amongst the who's who crowd of Denver society. There's a silent auction and a live one where the sheer magnitude of 10's of thousands of dollars flying around makes me sit with my chin in my lap. Last year I really had to use the restroom right in the middle of the auction and Newel forbade me as any motion whatsoever might indicate that I was willing to drop 15 grand on a backstage pass to something. You see, it's actually a night for the well endowed to share some of the load and the two of us are simply present because he's the CFO and Treasurer come to count their cash. But so much fun to be a part of.

The party runs very late. This year, having a baby and not feeling completely secure that my almost 13 year old could handle the load so far away at home for such a long time, we decided to take everyone down to the hotel with us and get a couple of rooms for the night.

We went down early to wear everyone out with a swim in the hot tub and Eliza got to sport her new bathing suit:

And the views were amazing:

I worried that this could go one of two ways. Either it would be great or it really would not. The number of things that could go wrong ... fighting disturbing neighboring guests, kids leaving the room to ride elevators unsupervised, prank phone calls, the fire alarm, porn charged to the room ... As luck would have it, it went very well. Eliza slept the entire time and the kids were enamored by the Disney Channel. Not having TV at home will do that, I guess. And, it was so convenient to leave the ballroom to check on them periodically and then tuck them into bed when the time came without stressing. My thanks to some really great kids!

He looks so, so nice in a tuxedo.

I love dusting off my Maddens -- not Manolo's, but hey. And though the hotel room lighting was really low, and one of the kids took the picture -- here's one of the dress I designed and made just for the occasion. Yes, Cinderella has to make her own ball gowns.

Okay, I'm cutting the secret code crud here. It is so funny to watch the female company dancers swarm around and smother him with European kisses as he rolls his eyes over their shoulders. He treats the visiting choreographers from New York as though they are real people while I stand there with my heart all aflutter. I get all tongue tied talking to the artistic director and he scrunches up his forehead as if to say "Whats wrong with you -- he's just a guy who chose an unmanly profession." He looks at his watch while the Principles are performing a special segment for our enjoyment on stage. He yawns while the artsy video about the outreach program is being played. Me? I'm enamoured and enthralled. But most of all, I love that he took me down this road with him.

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  1. Love. The. Dress. Make me one next, okay?