"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pure Americana

Every year, our blonde Arizona cousins would come for a visit. They'd come with their boots, big belt buckles and love of music with lyrics about dying dogs, pickup trucks, and tears over unforgettable sunsets. Not being country western folks ourselves, we found them fun and exciting and sure loved their visits. They just seemed so ... pure.

We still don't consider ourselves very country western. Okay, yes, we live in the country... and we all have boots to work in... and are enrolled in 4-H ... and like to hobby farm ... and have a tractor ... and are on a first name basis with our local extension office and feed store owners. But, I still wouldn't say "Country Western". Every year however, we love to go to the stock show here in Denver so we can get a full dose for just one day. And they sell it hard. I don't really know why but I always walk away feeling so full of Americana -- minus the whiskey. There is nothing more majestic, for lack of a better word, about being so connected to the land. I love the idea of hard work that keeps folks honest. It just seems ... pure.

Here are some of the highlights of yesterday's excursion:

Yes, we saw the rodeo and thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave credibility to some lyrics by Queen regarding blood, disgrace, and getting your can kicked. These boys do not have time for video games.

Crazy that an animal can move 360 degrees in the time it took my camera to snap three consecutive pics. But my favorite aspect of this, is the comrade cowboys meant to be in the arena to assist the rider when he falls:

Yeah, I want those guys watching my back. Never have I seen a group of hardened good ole boys bail over a fence faster, once that bull started kicking.

I love it when Newel jumps on my bandwagon. Can I say that? By the time we left, he was convinced we should add bee keeping to our repertoire, nearly bought me a miniature Hereford, and was totally sold on upgrading our tractor to this one:

It's also the only place where you can get one of these. Now, if it was only served on a stick...

Annie and Janie made some friends. Annie fell in love with the bad hair day cow, and Janie didn't love the bull ring idea so much.

Celia and I love the chicken exhibits because that's our thing. But ... someone needs to break it to these two that they zigged when they should have zagged. What the ... ?!?!

Callin' a pigeon a chicken, don't make it so.
A little dose of Americana that was just pure fun!

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