"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank you "Sven"

Here's to true love.

I have to write this in code, because a certain man I know, lets call him "Sven", doesn't like certain information to be made public. So, here goes ...

A few years back "Sven", who has a financial background, came home from work and told me that his firm at the time wanted its' employees to take on a non-profit organization to assist. It would look really good for the firm to be serving out in the community and in turn would help serve the organization in need. "Sven" had been presented a list of non-profits to look over and was interested to see that a certain "sport" near and dear to my heart, was looking for a board member. I lit right up at the possibilities and after mulling over the usefulness of the connections he would make rubbing elbows with members of my favorite "sport's" inner circle, he took the position as head of their finance committee.

As time would have it, "Sven" moved on to start his own business leaving the firm behind. However, the non-profit continued to love him and he has been chief financial officer and treasurer ever since. And, boy, have I enjoyed the perks -- the private events, the season tickets, and being a part of the behind the scenes of it all. In the "sporting" world, one can only stay involved for so long before physical limitations take over and those are pretty much excelled by the birth of six children. No longer actively participating in my "sport" was hard and I felt as though a large piece of myself was missing, though I love my new parental path. This "sport" just has a defining quality and getting to take this ride along with him, however vicariously, allowed me to enjoy that just a little bit longer.

Now, I'm not naive enough to think that this man, "Sven" has enjoyed this as much as I have. On the contrary. I'm aware of how painful this has been at times. How many times he's second guessed his laps in judgement to have jumped both feet into something so not of his own interest. I recognize that this is coming to a close for him ... for me. It's taken a lot of volunteer hours, blood, sweat and tears (in the manly sense of the word) on his part. Hours he will never get back. I know that deep down he probably did all of this to further a career. But, I also know that he would never have done it had it not been for me ... a girl with a passion for "sports".

Thank you "Sven", I really love you. But if you tell my husband Newel, I'll deny this post ever existed.


  1. Tell Sven that eventually his whole life story will be online sooner or later. Might as well have it told by the hands of firsthand witnesses. I know of what "sport" you speak of and if it makes you feel better, I'm childless and 15 years (or so) your junior and I can no longer participate. Ballet, I mean "sports" can be so unforgiving.

  2. You do know that I can neither confirm nor deny the word "ballet" in your post, e.