"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, January 29, 2010

bee happy

This is how it feels to come away a winner of the middle school spelling bee. Wow. The pressure.

I remember my mom sitting up late at night quizzing some of my sisters on their spelling words for school, and later county, spelling bees. I remember that the county spelling bee was broadcast over the radio each year and because there were so many little guys in our family, Mom would sit out in the car in the parking lot and listen for our family winners. She would bite her nails while straining to hear and recognize her daughters' voices over the cooing of the baby or requests of a toddler in the back seat of the car.

Yesterday, I packed up Grant and Eliza and headed to the middle school for the bee. The parents sat in silence, the students sat in silence. And I, in the back of the auditorium with my two, took the hint from those looking over their shoulder at the sound of my infant shaking her toy and slipped into an adjoining classroom to listen through the wall. There I stood for the better part of the afternoon, biting my nails and listening for my daughter's voice and the tell-tale ding of the bell indicating that she should sit.

And look at her now! Headed to the Douglas County Spelling Bee in two weeks. Here is her new best friend:

And I must have a very limited vocabulary because I only recognize one word here.

Can you spell "hacienda"? This is one happy girl calling Dad at work! Late nights, here we come.


  1. Wow--Congrats! And I can't believe how old she looks!

  2. Fabulous! Good luck with the county bee!