"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, February 5, 2010


Ah, the kindergarten directory. I debate every year whether or not to publish our information in the kindergarten directory. I'm not really good at play dates. Maybe it's because my mother wasn't. Maybe it's because my kids are self contained. And I've had times where a directory has been used for alternative purposes. Not to mention there was that time when, after a certain girl left for school, I discovered an open kindergarten directory and telephone handset in the coat closet. A quick perusal of the caller id and callback revealed several calls made in the dark early morning hours to secretly arrange get-togethers. Bet those parents loved that. So every year, I pause a moment before putting down our numbers and email. And then I cave and do it anyway.

We are generally up early but this morning the 6:50 am phone call was completely unexpected. I answered with my "Hello?" and the little voice on the other end said "Did you know my mom had a baby last night?".

"She did?" I asked, still having no clue who was calling but not wanting to scare or startle such a happy messenger. "She did! She had a girl!"

"That's wonderful," I said full of sunshine, "who would you like to speak to?" -- this would clarify things.

"Is Grant there? This is Aiden." Ah, mystery solved. I called Grant from warming his feet on the heater and told him there was a boy named Aiden on the phone for him. I was just tickled that he did know someone from his class at school!

"Hi Aiden, this is Grant." and then the voice on the other end became so loud that I could hear every word clearly and I didn't have the phone anywhere near my head.

"Grant! Did you know my mom had a baby last night ... it's a girl ... and the doctor ... had to CUT ... her out of my mom's tummy!!"

"That's kind of gross," is all the boy on my end could think of to say, and then, "Is she little?"

"Yeah ... she is ..... k, see you at school in a while."

"K". And then Grant hung up and looked at me with a smile and said "That was Aiden."

For today, I'm just a little bit happier that our phone number is in fact, in the kindergarten directory.

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