"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Days off ... again

It's secretly called by parents "the bloated school schedule". The fact that on this year's calender, we have had what seems like a Friday or a Monday off just about every other week since the start of the year. I don't really get why we can't just avoid these "necessary teacher workdays" and start school later or finish a little earlier in the year but, it seems just as we get our routines going there's another day off right around the corner.

I mean, we did just do spring break and school is out in nearly four weeks so why exactly didn't we have school Monday and Tuesday?

My kids wished they had as I put them to work de-junking their bedrooms and preforming other chores all day Monday. They were begging -- nay pleading -- to go back to school.

But I did reward them yesterday by taking everyone to the Denver Nature and Science Museum, one of our favorite hang-outs.

We watched a really cool IMAX about the Hubble telescope and all it sees including galaxies far far away, and what is called the "Nebula Nursery" where scientist think that millions of solar systems have been created. Nothing makes you feel smaller and yet a completely valuable part of such an enormously masterful plan then watching something like that. We were all a little awestruck afterward.

And then there was this game in the health exhibit. By relaxing the mind, opponents push a ball from one side of a table to the other. It really works and the brain waves are shown on a screen. Since it was so uncrowded, we got to challenge each other for quite a while.

Grant really knows how to use the force, I mean, he's either really good at relaxing his brain waves or there's nothing going on in there other than thoughts of candy.

Christian is not good at controlling anything. He has to ... work ... so ... hard. As you can tell.

Then we did this fun face scan that shows how you will look aged. Only Janie would let me take a picture. Everyone else cringed and ran.

Yikes, Janie. You better stay out of the sun, girl!

And then we watched a fun movie about homeostasis. There was a scene sort of like this picture of red blood cells moving through the blood stream.

Grant, sitting beside me in the darkened theatre, loudly exclaimed "OH, that's where jelly donuts go when you eat them!!!" So glad we're larnin'. And strangely, Grant, you aren't far off there.

Fun to hang with the gang. Now -- can we keep a consistent schedule until school really lets out??

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