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-- Robert Frost

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Saturday

Every Easter Saturday as a child, we colored dozens of eggs and I mean dozens. 9 children x 12 eggs (because six eggs just color too quickly) = 108 eggs. Dad put on his bunny ears and dutifully walked around the yard, hiding eggs while we kids anxiously waited in an upstairs bedroom trying so hard not to peek out a window and spoil the surprise. The anticipation was static charged and then the hunt that ensued would be over entirely too quickly. We'd gather on the hill side for the annual egg count afterward and inevitably one or two stray eggs would have to be hunted for. Either we'd find them then or the lawn mower would later. I loved this tradition so much that each Easter while at college, I made close-by family members, roommates and later, an eye rolling fiance, participate in reliving this family tradition with me. The beauty of having kids is there is no eye rolling, only pure memory making fun.

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Yeah, the dye eating explained a lot.

Let the hunt begin:

150 plastic eggs along with the dozens we colored. I only bought so much candy and the kids decided it was the hunt and not the exuberant amounts of sugary goodness that make the day fun. So, with one candy per plastic egg, they certainly had enough to go around and it's just as well as Janie announced that she didn't love the candies with the compressed bread inside. The malted milk companies should be devastated.

Then the traditional egg counting:

And how do Dad's soak in the fun?

By begging for candy:

And stealing it if need be with the ole' pine cone switcheroo:

But always the life of the party.

I love making family fun a tradition.

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