"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, April 1, 2010

glimpses of a fast approaching end

Yesterday, I got a hard look at the end ... though not quite yet. Let me explain.

Wednesday night is our church activities night. Cub Scouts, Activity Day's for the 8-12 girls, Boy Scouts, Young Men and Young Women activities for our youth. My kids love it and I always have a hard time getting everyone to the car so that we can go home. I've joked at times that I really didn't need a house but a building with classrooms to explore, a gym to run around in, a kitchen with the basics and a locked library with the essentials, would have been just great!

Last night as I walked down the hall of the church, there stood a cub scout leader with a large box of pinewood derby kits collecting money and passing the blocks of wood to cub families present. Quickly, I rummaged in my purse for the required $4.20 and then froze. My cub graduated to a Boy Scout last November. My husband was moved from his job as a cub scout leader to help with another church need just last week. This year there will be no pinewood derby race for our family and I felt that twinge of sadness.

It's strange to feel that empty hole. I can't say I've ever loved supervising the makings of a derby car with all of the many pulls our family has on every day life. But, I love to watch a boy work with his dad to make something to be proud of. I love to hear the paint color debate. I love the research on how to make those little wheels faster. I love the tenderly carried box holding a prized car. I love the anticipation and the weigh in and the faces of boys as their creation is placed on the track. I love the over-exuberance of super competitive dads.

And this year, it's not to be a part of our line-up. It will come around again, I know. Grant is well on his way and in a few short years, we will be there again ... but for the last time. I know I should be shouting hallelujahs that we don't have to do this for awhile, but our family loves it so. Picturing today that the future holds a time when there will be no more pinewood derby is a little bit tough. So for now, I look around to the little things I'd like to hold on to for just a moment longer because time seems an apathetic traveler who is not inclined to stop.


  1. "Quickly, I rummaged in my purse for the required $4.20 and then froze" now that's funny. I don't know what I'm gonna do when my son is too old for the Pinewood Derby. He wont miss it nearly as much as I will. I might have to adopt :)

  2. This is great!! Your ward needs to do what ours does. The elders have their own pinewood derby. Men-Do they ever REALLY grow up??!