"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is IT

My life has certain "This is IT!" moments. They fall somewhere between the chaos of pushing clingy, bored children into some sort of involvement and the moment when it all falls apart because the combination of strong personalities struggling for the top of the pile becomes just too much. For instance...

A blown out, diaper-rashed baby escalating into a slightly more than upset frenzy as bath water is running. My heart is pumping just a little bit harder as I work fast as I can to alleviate her obvious discomfort and reach a harmonious outcome. But after that tearful time, that moment when baby is naked and freshly diapered, smelling of Johnson and Johnson's, wrapped in her favorite blanket with her head on my chest and blue eyes looking trusting in mine .... "This is IT!"

Morning, as some mornings go, can consist of draggy people, left over homework remaining from the night before scrambling to be done, dislike over breakfast served, disgruntled over sandwiches made, rush and holler, chase the bus. But, mornings where the folks hurry to greet the day, pack the packs, love the meal, fulfill their duties, listen to scripture and gather for family prayer, help siblings to the car and make the bus stop with time to spare and chat with friends .. those days, I turn my car around and head for the house with "This is IT" singing in my soul.

I savor those moments. I breathe them in deeply. I take a mental picture to recall in later days when I know things will be different.

Something tells me that those moments are contagious.

Grant's unloaded pile of papers on the counter containing weeks worth of graded schoolwork pages left me this:

Okay, pay no attention to the fact that the first time he completed the above sentence, he wrote it upside down AND backwards. What he is learning are how impressionable some moments are.

And as I watched out the kitchen window that day, I felt it too, Grant. My heart was full of "This is IT"! -- until it all fell to pieces once again.

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  1. Thank you so much for posts like these! When you're in the thick of things sometimes it's hard to stop and recognize that "This is IT". You inspire me to take the time to notice those moments. Thank you also for putting everything I feel into words I could never express the way you do!!! I'm so blessed for knowing you and wish so much we could be neighbors again! Maybe in the next life!