"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sorry to my family but I've got to blog this. I'VE GOT TO. Apology's up front.

Since the arrival of my new camera, I've been snapping pictures like crazy.

I'm so enjoying capturing artistic pictures of my children that freeze the light in their eyes, hold their expressions and make me feel like I'd love to put each one on a canvas in my living room.

That was my whole point in the first place, to hold time in my hands. But some pictures just tell a story. Lacking perfection, no artistic flare, some photographs just say it all.

My sister sent around this picture via email this morning and I so wish I could make it bigger but it's poor quality won't allow me to do so or you would see the following details about the family I grew up in and of which I write about so often.

1. There were nine children and this picture only shows seven. Apparently my oldest brother had just escaped to college and the youngest was probably just beginning to toddle.

2. That's my dad right in the center of it all and if you could see his expression clearer, it would scream, "How did I get into this mess?".

3. Erin is holding up the cat. She always had a cat draped over each shoulder. Always.

4. Why is Joseph on the bike to the right, wearing a pioneer bonnet and dragging yellow "caution" tape?

5. Mamie's got that bike concentration face going on. She took everything seriously. Everything.

6. Meg, -- don't know what Meg is celebrating but she was always celebrating something. And she always had to be up front, in front, noticeably .. out ... front.

7. Will -- the small lost boy in the middle, was always wandering around small and lost, whistling tunes to himself. Still a whistler, nowadays he's big and hopefully not so lost.

8. Arms and legs coming out from behind Will and Meg, that'd be Josh. He was too cool for any of this debacle. Still is.

9. That's me looking over Dad's shoulder. Yeah, I was hoping to go unnoticed too. Fat chance. Like a Shriner circus, we were anything but unnoticeable.

10. Left side, there's that poor brown Ford LTD we each took a turn driving into the ground. Some of us were harder on it than others. Sorry about that broken window, Mom.

Thanks for the memory jog, Meg! This one made me laugh like crazy and check my photographic intentions. Don't forget the memories because a picture speaks a thousand words and this one spoke volumes to me. There's nothing like capturing "life". It all passes by so quickly.

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  1. Ok, what a great assessment of the picture!! And I'd like to say that I experienced a moment where Josh was NOT too cool for words. If it was his only, I feel privileged to have been a part of it...