"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All good things must come to an end

It's time. Back to reality. Refreshed, relaxed and renewed, the trick is now to make my reality every inch as unforgettable.

I sat on one of the beds in what has always been the "kids" room simply because it is equipped with two matching double beds. Children slightly burned, I rubbed aloe into their bare backs and was struck with an instantaneous flashback. Wasn't it just yesterday that I sat in this room with my sisters doing exactly the same thing? The furniture was the same, the walls the same, nearly every detail excepting a few minor changes to the decor. The ceiling fan spun making it's "tick, tick, tick" sound while circulating the cool of the air conditioning on somewhat slightly hot skin.

I was just here. Just in this moment. Girls slathering lotion, laughing before bed. Lights being turned out and stories being told. The fun and exhaustion of a hot day melting away. Close your eyes and your body feels like it's still jumping through waves though you're laying quite still. I was just here.

But this time I'm older. I'm the mom not the child. My surroundings had not changed but I had and so quickly. I'd come here as a brand new wife still adjusting to the sound of that word in my head. I'd come here as an expectant mom with the somersaults of my first unborn child waking me up early for a walk on the beach. I'd been here through all stages and nothing had changed. But I had.

I heard my father say pointing to the patch of sand where we'd always parked our beach paraphernalia, "This is where we raised a family." I thought he meant this spot, this place but what he meant by "this" were the experiences of quality time being spend together. Wherever our adventures together might take us, "this" is always where we will be raising a family. I want it to be good. I want it to be memorable. I want it to feel like a lifetime worthwhile.

Lasting memories:

Grant found this palm branch the first day we were there. He dubbed it our "flag" and posted it every time we were "in session" on the beach.

Why does this man look cranky amidst such surrounding paradise?

See that band aid on his finger? It's not so much the pinch itself, but the thought that in all of the years of coming here, he's the only person we can ever remember getting their finger caught in the pincher of a crab from the crab trap. Ouch! In more ways than one.

Watching fishermen pull in sharks and some super brave kids.

All too much fun for my babies.

Heading home tomorrow.

"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children." ~Charles R. Swindoll.

Flag furled but companionship we'll never forget. Next stop: home.


  1. Ah, Marlowe, I love the photo of all the sandy feet. Seems like we were just taking photos of nine sets...

    As for the cranky look, his problem has got to be that the Atlantic Ocean is too warm, without killer surfing waves. We've got a cold one with waves that'll knock your wetsuit off. (Come see us sometime and we'll go see it...)

  2. October, I think. Newel's HS reunion!

    And yes, it's amazing how kid friendly the Atlantic is. We picked us out a cute little house in Pawley's historic district. Now all we need is for our book to come in...

  3. Love the picture of the suitcase with the palm frond. It finishes your post perfectly.

  4. Beautiful post all around Marlowe! Love the littlest feet in the feet pic, love the suitcase with palm flag, all such great pics and journaling. BTW, if you are interested, I started a blog . . . anniesullins.blogspot.com

  5. Thanks Annie! Can't wait to see your Mary.. our girls are getting so big.

  6. You might never see this comment . . cause its attached to a really old post. But your post almost made me cry. I sometimes surf all over your blog while I'm eating lunch at work. It is such a great place to visit. Thanks