"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, June 7, 2010

Outside looking in

It's funny how different a perspective can be when you are in the mix of things. Growing up in a big family never seemed big to me while I was in it. Ever. Yet, when my mother sent out this picture, I couldn't help but think "Wow, that's an awful lot of sibs."

One evening, taking my children out to a buffet restaurant minus my trusty sidekick, I watched a mother on the other side juggle her six kids. "Look at all of those children!" I thought for a split second before I jerked upright and realized, I was her and she was me.

I guess that's why we were attracting quite a lot of attention cruising through the airport, father bird rounding up the flock with mother hen pushing the stroller along behind. I even had one woman on the plane tell me that she only had two children and watching us, she just felt so sorry for me.

Sorry for me?? We were having the time of our lives. On a family vacation it's always best to start small and crescendo. If all we'd done was fly in an airplane, these kids would have thought that to be the grandest of adventures.

Glad I'm on the inside rather than the outside looking in. It's way more fun on this side of the looking glass. And good mornin' Charlotte, next stop Myrtle Beach, SC.


  1. That was awesome! Maybe only because in 2 weeks, WE will be flying east out of Denver with our 8. I have taken some preventative measures in hopes of not losing anyone. Have preassigned the buddy system and we are ALL wearing the same BRIGHT RED shirt in varying sizes. Should make it easier, right???? You will have to let me know if you come across any handy do's or do not's. We have not taken ours on an airplane since there were just 4 of them!

  2. Sounds like fun! Stick your toes in the sand for me. And I LOVE the picture of your whole family! I would pay good money for a copy of that pic. :)

  3. DO give the window seats to the little kids. It'll tick off the older ones but keep the little guy's busy. DON'T think that taking a red eye with a baby will mean you will arrive refreshed and rested in the am. What it really means is Dad will be rested and you will be frazzled with a strung out baby and hyped up kids. Fun, fun! Wish we'd be seeing you.

  4. Oh Cori! The kudzu, the boiled peanuts, the Piggly Wiggly! I can't tell you how much I miss this. My hair hasn't been so ... so .. full and curly in thirteen years. Who needs lotion? Hope you are great -- I sure miss you.

  5. EVery now and then when someone says something snarky to me about how sorry they feel for me about having too many kids, I just want to be snarky back. And on more than one occasion, when someone looked at my family and said, "I'm glad it's you and not me," I looked at them, smiled big, and said, "Me Too!"