"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, July 9, 2010

Time well spent

If it were possible for a person to literally radiate with excitement:

I'd fairly say that this boy could power the sun, he was that excited to leave Wednesday morning at the crack of dawn for the four day backpacking trip in the high country that our dad spends nearly the entire year planning. Christian has been many times and could hardly sleep the night before but this was Grant's first year. Finally able to carry a pack with no complaints. Finally able to learn to fly fish. Am I worried he will get lost? Yes. Am I concerned he'll come home with scurvy and constipation from eating nothing but dry-packed foods and fish? Yes.

But I'm sure they'll be full of good stories to tell and that's the best part.

While the boys are away, I had visions of girl bonding bouncing around in my head. My cousin and her eight children (who I daftly missed photographing because I was so engrossed in conversation with her every spare minute she was here) came through for a quick over nighter. She's amazing. We gabbed late into the night and then more in the morning before she loaded her crew for home. I so miss living close to her and her fantastic children. Some of our girls are the same age and really need more time together. I've gotta make that happen.

That first night, however, also began the rumblings of a very sick Eliza. High fever, wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink, lethargy -- I was really worried. The next morning, I noticed she had huge purple welts on her top gums where those two front teeth are pushing out and man, does it all look painful. Enough to work anyone into a frenzy of sickness.

She's better now but I did spend a couple of days of our coveted "girls only" week just watching movies with my gals and holding this girl and her baby. It's the cuddliest she's been in a long time, so though I hated that she was not healthy and happy, to me it weren't all bad. Not what I'd initially planned for girl bonding but taking what I can get.

Finally, today we were actually able to spend some time. Though Celia abandoned us for her friends and a long awaited trip to Six Flags she'd been saving money for months to take. No worries, my feelings aren't hurt, Celia. **sniff**

Janie, Annie, E and I made some new friends at the pool and had a fun girls dinner out. Those two are a hoot and we were all just relieved that E was feeling better, though the teeth are just about through and she's still kind of cranky.

Hope you boys are having fun up there. Can't wait for your return tomorrow and to hear the fish-tale chronicles.


  1. Andra is amazing, isn't she!

    I love your sunset picture. One of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen was actually very near your neck of the woods. We were driving to Utah (in fact we might have spent that night with you, now that I think of it?) and took a cut off btwn the interstate and Highlands Ranch. It was spectacularly beautiful and my pictures don't nearly do it the justice yours does!

  2. *sniff* Your post makes me want to turn my van back around and spend another few nights talking. We DO need to find a way to make it happen more often!

  3. Hey Marlowe! Just found your blog off of Annie's and it's so cute. To give you an update on us....we found our house.....happens to be a few down from my parents....in the burbs for now but we know this is what He had in mind for us and we are thrilled. We are trying to bring our horses out (or at least two of them by the end of the month) so at least we'll get some riding going. Nice to catch up on you and your beautiful family:)

  4. We wondered what happened to you guys, Janine. I'm so glad it all worked out, though. One day we do hope you all will come out this way. Bring those horses -- there's plenty of room!