"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Some people feel highly connected to the Christmas and Easter holidays because of their traditions. Some have birthday traditions, family vacation traditions, Sunday night traditions. Traditions to me are re-occurring events so chocked full of meaning that even long after families grow and drift apart, the moment or date of that special time still brings that family together if only in remembrance years later.

The 4th of July is that kind of holiday for me.

It's a holiday where my family, extended cousins and all, gathered at our favorite place -- the farm. The smell of gun powder, the taste of watermelon, hot days and air conditioning, running barefoot in the dirt, mosquitoes and lawn chairs. Even the years we weren't able to go, I'm still taken back to pancake breakfasts and sunrise flag raising ceremonies, cakes with sparklers on top to celebrate a sister's birthday. And certainly the morning our father woke us up to announce the arrival of this same new baby sister. I remember thinking that the evenings fireworks were just to commemorate her joining our family. Every 4th of July takes me there. To some memory of family.

Even though I'm actually here, and as Colorado tradition would have it, lighting fireworks in the rain. Never fails that July 4th brings down-pouring, hail producing, garden flattening, rain. But we do it together. Me, my family, and my memory of family togetherness passed.

No other time of the year brings all of the people I love most to one singular moment like the 4th of July. They are all in my heart today as I remember fondly ... family.

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  1. Oh yes...it does take you back, doesn't it! And we were there this year with Andra!