"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School

We're scattering across three different schools this year and it's been a staggered start. Some starting this day and others starting that. Those who've started have had enough already and those who haven't don't want to have to spend another day alone with me. I'm boring and itching to put my house back in order ... stragglers are volunteered to help.

I so wanted to spend the last days of our time together enjoying each hour. I so wanted to be that mom. But my time was needed elsewhere and such is life, so I'll try not to berate myself or feel incomplete. Now everyone's off and the house is a reflection of summer's tangled mess of madness ... albeit a silent one awaiting reorganization.

My early morning looked like this:

Who is that nice mom fulfilling five differing sandwich orders, you ask? Yeah, that's me -- as long as you don't talk to me above a whisper in the dark of the morning. 2 PB&J, turkey/cheese no mayo, turkey yes cheese yes mayo, PB&J no crust, half PB&J yes crust.... thank heavens Eliza has no opinion as of yet. Will this last? Maybe, but most likely not. It's 5:30 am.

But don't they look excited? I never was able to get my act together to snag a picture of my middle school children. They couldn't get their act together either. We've struggled to make it happen all week, though the two of them were so thrilled to be back with school friends.

And this girl so excited to go to her new school with a great friend. I understand they tried to convince everyone at school today that they were twin sisters with different last names. Hmm.

We went to purchase uniforms and she was overly thrilled about the knee high socks. I love the idea of uniforms because there are no judgments in regards to what you are wearing. It's nice. Except when you walk into a lunchroom chocked full of boxes bearing polo in all colors and a gazillion ways to do plaid and the sales lady says it's best to purchase "whatever her friends will be wearing." What's the point in a uniform then? I'm totally confused.

I'll miss them so. Now, off to put it all back together again ....

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