"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A-fair to remember

Holding so many memories, fair week is like living a lifetime for us.

Annie's leather crafting project that took Grand Champion of her unit. No money involved but her work is headed to the Colorado State Fair next week. Way to go Annie!

Celia's which took Reserve for her age group. Yes, she made that from nothing more than two pieces of cow hide. Not headed to State but a beautiful piece of work just the same.

While sharing a hamburger and lemonade with E, she mastered the most valuable skill of drinking through a straw making life a little easier.

A scavenger hunt all over the fair grounds to the different barns gathering the ingredients to make homemade crepes. My kids had so much fun with this and loved the crepe making.

In fifth grade, I lived next door to a boy who I had a terrible crush on. As luck would have it, he had a "girlfriend" and I never breathed a word of my infatuation out of shyness and fear. Just enjoyed being in his presence when he came over to play baseball in the yard with my brothers and hid my adoration. I think that's why I love watching Annie with this neighbor of ours. Same situation, only she was lucky enough to spend every waking moment of the fair with her crush. As she sighed about being "just friends" in a moment of confidance, I felt I'd been there and done that and loved having that connection with her.

Tractor pull in the cool of the big barn with my boys.

Best turkey legs ever, so says Celia.

The most awesome home schooled brother and sister duo I have ever met. She's so amazing it's almost enough to convince me to home school myself ....... almost. They're goat kids and I fell in love with their family. Wish I could have put her in my pocket and taken her home.

Fair wristbands for unlimited rides. Let's say nothing of how quick they put up and take down those rides. Christian says the element of danger adds to the fun.

Oh yeah, and my favorite. Funnel cakes made by genuine carnies. There is nothing like them ... the funnel cakes ... or the carnies for that matter.

And ... though I have no documentation, thanks to the politician handing out fruit snacks, m&m's, bottled water and caprisuns at his booth all week. I know our children took great advantage of you and we will probably never vote for you but thanks for the endless supply of free snacks. I hope you didn't go away feeling totally robbed.

That's all.

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