"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grant is 6

Every birthday makes me reflect but I think this one hit me harder than any other recently. Maybe it's because everyone was off to school today leaving me to my silence with Eliza and a realization that my house is gradually emptying. Maybe it's because he's a first grader now with a full day and I so missed our past afternoons one on one. Whatever the reason, I spent my entire day reflecting on how fast six years can fly in a blink.

I was telling him his birthday story this morning about how every night I would listen to Christian's prayers as he added in how much he'd love to have a brother. It was so lonely being the only boy amongst so many girls and he wanted a brother so badly it hurt. And when Grant was born ....

"WERE YOU SO GLAD TO HAVE ME??" he broke in loudly.

Oh my goodness, yes. Could we ever have been gladder? From day one he's been a delight and I really have soaked in every moment. For the longest time I'd thought he was our last and I did my best to take notice of every little thing. And so happy that I did because I've enjoyed him to my hearts content.

6 Great things about the greatest six year old ever:

1. He's got the biggest heart in the world. He loves openly and gives affection without restraint. My cuddliest baby, he's by far the tenderest guy I know.

2. He plays so well with his siblings. And ... he lets Janie dictate his every move with such good nature. Where others would balk and crumble, he does his best to appease her wishes, wants and desires and it's such an endearing quality.

3. Grant has such a sunny disposition. He greets each morning with a smile ... and a bowl of oatmeal. He must get that from his father.

4. I love how he takes notice of the little things in nature. He's got such an appreciation for life's simple pleasures.

5. He makes friends so easily.

6. Grant could carry on a one way conversation all day long. He's got so much to say and it's worthwhile to pay attention because he's full of little gems of knowledge and humor. He must get that from his mother.

I love you so and have enjoyed every minute of our six years together. You light up my life and make me the "gladdest" mom on earth. Happy birthday!

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