"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, Grant appeared with a handful of Queen Anne's Lace and a soft smile on his face. "Smell these," he said, "Don't they just make you feel reverent?"

I questioned his use of the word. Did he really know what he was talking about? "What do you mean by that, Grant" I queried. "What do you mean they 'make you feel reverent?' "

"You know ..." he replied with a blush because by this time I think he realized he was revealing too much of himself, "Just calm and good inside."

As summer is drawing to it's close for us, I've had his words in my mind for the past week. I can't help thinking about all of those things that make me feel reverent ... just calm and good inside. Some are moments I've had, some are qualities I like and would like to see repeated, some are just life's simple pleasures. But whatever it is and no matter how small, as a mom those little things that make me feel calm and good inside are what I love and long for day after day. The peacefulness I get from the stuff that "makes me feel reverent".

Here's my "reverent" list:

  • That fleeting moment when all of the laundry is done and put away in it's proper place. It only lasts a brief second in a home with six children, but it's one of the most calming seconds of my life.
  • The smell of our woods after a cooling rain.
  • Yard work (or any job where there's no complaining for that matter) with all of my children around me talking and bantering together.
  • Nights that run smoothly. A great dinner done, homework in progress and everyone on track for a good bedtime. I feel the most "calm and good inside" when I'm truly at the crossroads of my home taking care of my family and enjoying an evening with them rather than in the car running them hither and yon.
  • Our brand new paved driveway. More on that later, but what could make a mom feel more reverent than less dirt chewing up the entry hall, carpets, car and garage.
  • My three youngest girls and their bubble baths together.
  • Peeking in on my oldest boy reading aloud in his twin bed to my youngest boy in his.
  • The sound of easy laughter and genuine togetherness. It's the best to hear them all building Lego's or car tracks together. It's calming to listen to the sounds of invented games going on in the next room or outside in the yard and know that they really do enjoy the company of one another.
  • A washed and vacuumed car .. again, brief but good.
  • The fabric store. 'Nuff said.
  • A great dad leading our family and watching that great dad with his children.
  • Eating green beans that my children grew and watching them bargain amongst themselves for the last bits.
  • A clean kitchen and the lingering scent of Pine sol.
  • Trips to the pool on days were there happen to be no friends present and they must all be each other's best friends. I could sit and watch that all day.
  • Silently observing my oldest children make their own decisions based on the things we've been teaching them all along.
  • Hot water.
  • Full nights of sleep. Sleeping until I open my own eyes to the light of day with no interruptions.
  • The aroma of baby lotion and the feel of the soft, doughy skinned girl who complacently allows me to slather her in it.
I suppose the list really could go on and on. But nothing instills reverence like the sweet disposition of a child who reminds his mother to stop and appreciate the calm and good things of life. Thanks for the recollection, Grant.

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  1. The fabric store. Definately on my "reverent list".
    Hot water- I'd even go a little further and say hot water in a long shower and the silence to commune with my true spirit.
    Love this list! You've inspired me to go throughout today and look for things that make me feel reverent.
    Thanks Grant!