"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Devil Wears Prada

Oldest girl of nine kids, I surprisingly had my own room -- for awhile. Somehow, I don't remember baby number nine ever sleeping in a crib. All I remember is a tired mother handing me a toddler and begging me to hang on to her while she went to get some sleep.

That mother never came back.

And baby number nine slept with me in a double bed all the way until I abandoned her for college.

With the bed sharing came other sharing. She was there for every slumber party with my friends. She came on ride alongs for shopping. I took her on outings to the local beauty pageants and talent shows, young women's church activities, and she was always my dance partner at our rockin' New Year's Eve parties. There were pedicures, makeovers, bubble baths, hair accessory making, french braid practices, you name it, we indulged. I pretty much rotten-ed her up. Check her out here if you don't believe me. She's so fantastic. She's every inch a product of my jumpstart into life. Even our mother will say so -- but hey, I hope that nap was worth it, Mom.

Yesterday, it was time.

While at the store, my girl and I cruised the shoe section and the love affair began. I tried the first pair on her but that just wouldn't do. She had to try them all. And try them we did.

Ah, child of my heart, you brought back so many memories. I just have this way with last babies. And now, as Aunt E would say, "We need new outfits to go with those new shoes, don't we darlin' ?"


  1. I was so jealous that you got a baby all of your own. Except that I remember the story as something like this "You spoiled her rotten and never put her down, now YOU sleep with her!!!"
    This is why Evan now sleeps on my bedroom floor. He was getting far too comfortable sneaking into Leigh Ann's room in the middle of the night. About age 6 or 7, that could get awkward!!!

  2. I'm sure I'm shooting myself in the foot by spoiling Eliza. I just can't help it. It'll be a mess of my own creation. It's Emily all over again.

  3. Wow. I have so many people to thank for this cameo. I wasn't at all prepared to make a speech (didn't wear speech giving outfit) so I'll just say that I'd like to thank my hair dresser for always using the perfect blonde-to-brown ratio. I'd like to thank waist-belts for coming back into style. I'd like to thank my sister Marlowe for always painting my nails Candy Apple Red even though Mom called it a "hooker color." And finally, I'd like to I'd like to thank Christian Louboutin for putting those darling red soles on all your delicious heels.

  4. This little girl is all you, ya know -- a girl's girl. She was struggling with something in the living room and when I went to see, she was putting strap after strap of a backpack over her shoulder like a purse. Yesterday she freaked because she couldn't get a ponytail on her wrist like a bracelet. I gave her a chap stick to hold in church and she promptly licked her lips, puckered up and applied. Right now she's standing here with a hair clip in hand, fussing because it won't stay in her too fine blond hair. Who does this stuff at 14 months??? Only one other baby that I know of.

  5. Maybe we're born with it, maybe it's Maybelline. Well, if we used Maybelline which we don't because their eye shadow creases.

    Oh and tell her Big Sexy Root Pump will thicken like there's no tomorrow.