"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A game called Memory Lane

"Oh, Rise all loyal Cougs, and hurl your banner to the foe..."

Yes, we brainwash our children. We make them relive our college memories. We pump them so full of BYU in the hopes they'll follow in our footsteps. Those days were the best.

Last Saturday, September 11th, the Cougars played at Air Force just down from our house. It's for the last time as I understand our team leaves this conference next year. Win or lose, the game is always fun.

(I do love that man in the bottom, right hand side kissing his baby -- so cute.)

Those Air Force guys are really something, I'll give them that.

They've got this great airplane on their campus which Grant would have given anything to climb on. Except Grant could have fit inside of one of those engines.

These fellas who buzzed us right over the stadium. Okay, that was pretty cool.

And soldiers on every corner ready to machine gun anyone getting too out of line. I didn't take any pictures of them because I didn't want to get pistol whipped or something.

Fans who are not too proud to do the wave in full uniform. Showoffs.

Push ups for touchdowns and field goals. If you ask me, when your team spanks the other team, you really should have to do push ups. It eases the pain of the losers.

This ginormous football field covering flag and moment of silence at half time in remembrance of September 11th. My throat hurt swallowing back the emotion as I stood there surrounded by those who serve to keep our country safe.

The Falcon mascot that swooped past the heads of the crowd but missed his finishing mark and flew straight into the wall. Poor bird. After a brief millisecond of concern, I caught myself wondering if that was a good omen for the Cougars.

Apparently not, as no amount of concentration could have turned the tide for our team.

Those Air Force folks have got it all. And what have we got??? Nothin'. Nothin' but spirit ... "We got spirit, yeah, yeah, yeah, ... we got spirit, yeah, yeah, yeah ..."

Okay, I'll stop that now. We lost.

But I did love how this baby shoved her little fanny between the two Air Force fans in front of us. I didn't even apologize for her. That's right. Make way for Cougars. (Just kidding. I did apologize.)

And that these guys did have such a good time together.

I loved telling my girls stories of how we used to sneak in bags of tortillas to throw like Frisbees from the upper deck down to the field below. You'd get in trouble for that now. And how as a freshman, I met two football players in the dorm cafeteria and it was like talking to rock stars and I was tongue tied and giddy. And how I had a class with Ty Detmer (even though it was in a huge auditorium.) And how I substitute taught a beginning ballet class once in college with a couple of red shirting football players in it.

Back when I was a child, my dad took me to a Clemson football game and I spent the entire time pointing out everything going on around me except the game itself. Distracted from enjoying the game, he came home telling my mother he'd never take me again. Yeah, sorry Dad, not much has changed.

Good times for sure.

And then Sunday, a new couple in our ward spoke introducing themselves as the Wakefield's and mentioning their BYU dance backgrounds. "You don't suppose they're related to Lee and Linda Wakefield, the dance department chair(couple) of BYU do you?" I asked Newel, excited at the prospect of their greatness.

Shrug. How should he know and why should he care?

Seconds later, a new revelation and bingo, they are a son and daughter in law. "How old do you think they are?" I asked Newel again. "25, ... sshhh!" came the answer. Quick math in my head -- 25 minus 15 years. Yeah, that's right. They were ten years old when I was taking college dance classes from their parents for my own dance major.

That's Annie's age for anyone who was wondering.

And there you have it. Don't throw your back out while you're hurling that banner to the foe.

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  1. Oh Marlowe--it looks like so much fun! I can't imagine a wave with everyone wearing uniforms--did it even show?? So cool...