"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How did we get here?

Sometimes my heart really does skip a beat when I see this man coming my way. Yes, I'm aware of how sappy that sounds.

Not too long ago, he asked me out on our Friday night date but had some work to complete at the office and asked if I'd meet him there. The building was quietly empty when I arrived and he still needed a minute to finish a few things. I sat on his personal office couch enjoying the companionable silence as he wrapped up the days tasks. I couldn't help but wonder how we had gotten here.

There he sat on the other side of a desk, suit clad, serious expression fully engrossed in a world that I know so little about. He's only mine a very short part of my day and the rest belongs to clients and employees. I know him so well and yet my portion of him is actually so little.

Where did the sweat shirts with college emblems go? The backwards baseball cap? The fun before all else? When did the needs of an entire family (and an entire firm) creep in to make each decision so weighty?

And yet, he does it all so well. With exactness. With precision. He gets the job done. Impeccably so.

Yesterday, I received an email. Not just any email. A "reminder" email sent by an iphone application. You see, he's taken to making a list of things he needs accomplished during a day's time. The application sends out reminders to those on the task list. My task looked something like this:

Newel Linford uses the Action Method and has delegated an Action Step to you (this means that Newel Linford wants you to do something!).

"Hey Marlowe - When are you going to use your 24 hr fitness membership? It's costing us $50 a month."
Target Date: By 09/29/2010

Leaving me thinking, "Oh no you didn't". It's a good thing I love that man. His precision. His exactness. But today, I wonder if he's asking himself "How did I get here?"

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