"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Risky Business

My husband just returned from a business trip to India. I mention this only now because my sister says that blogging too much personal information will probably lead to being axe murdered in the night. So, Mr. Axe, just letting you know, he's home now and should he ever leave again, I'm ready any and every moment of the day to take you out and it wouldn't be pretty on your part. Just so's ya know.

I gave my husband a camera with strict instructions to take lots of pictures. He didn't. Not surprised. But he did shoot a couple out the window of whatever dangerously crazed cab he was in, so I'll take what I can get.

I let my kids climb the pine tree in the front yard. Their dad came home one night to find them in the top and freaked saying it was too brittle and too high. I didn't understand because I thought all kids should get to climb trees and the silence of the preoccupation was golden.

There was a time when I said I would never take a baby out of it's car seat to feed just so we could keep traveling to our destination. I've done that now... more than once.

I've left kids in the car at the grocery store with my 11 year old just so I could grab that one thing we needed for dinner. I'm not proud.

I can't remember the last time I actually washed a pacifier. I do, however, give it a complementary wipe on my ever so sanitary pants leg.

Dum dum suckers have been used to quiet babies with colic.

This was probably not one of my most well thought out ideas:

But it was a really long trip across Wyoming and the distraction this rest stop offered from our car confined insanity was oh so welcome. And I respectfully smiled at the poor park ranger with nothing better to do than stand there with arms crossed, complacently telling me that my children were all going to get rabies. (I did make them wash their hands! Sheesh...)

A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do and "Safety third", I always say. I think that's why I like this picture -- one of the only pictures -- he brought back from India.

Side saddle on the back of a motorcycle in rush hour traffic, baby on the lap.

Apparently there are mothers all over the world just flying by the seat of their pants -- or saris as the case may be -- on a daily basis . Some days, we're just happy to make it through life from point A to point B as best we can hoping that we survive the risks.

Now, who wants to go climb a 40 foot pine tree??


  1. Have you seen the movie "Babies" ? You won't worry so much about leaving yours in the car for a few minutes with your oldest!..We worry too much..and yes, my 14 month old..also wants, or rather demands to be carried around all day. Why don't I weigh 10 pounds less?? :)

  2. Ok, I don't know the right spelling either, but I'm totally lol about your kids getting rabbis!! ;) (rabies maybe?)

    I think that we as a society are nutso about being safe. It really makes me insane sometimes. Yes, my kids stay in the car for 10 minutes at the grocery store ALL THE TIME! That way I don't have to kill them while I'm in there, I can be 2x as fast, and they're just as happy not to go in!

    And if we saw a prairie dog, we'd totally play with it...

  3. PS--I know someone with a 15 month old baby that MUST weigh 30 lbs that is still rear facing in her car seat. And the woman told me that they now recommend children stay rear facing until they're 4 years old!!!

  4. Darn that spell check! We could probably use a couple of rabbis at my house as well.

    And apparently my typing is so good at this time of night, I had to delete my last two comments because they made no sense.

    I'd have taken home one of those prairie dogs if I didn't think the same man who freaked over the tree wouldn't have freaked over the dog.

    The overly cautious thing, we call it "the Oprah Winfrey Syndrome" with a giggle around here. She turns mothers into paranoid psychopaths.

  5. This morning I went around the corner to fill my water bottle and just left Mary sitting for a few seconds out of sight. I came back and she had climbed up to the third step of the stair case! That was a first!!! She has never even tried before. I DO try not to be an overly paranoid first time parent, but things can happen so quickly! Glad she was fine.

  6. P.S. Gotta love how the man driving the woman and baby is wearing a helmet though. Grrrrr.