"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can't we just keep going already?

I love the freedom of summer. It's a great chunk of unscheduled whatever.

But once school starts, I so value the nature of a planned out life. And my plan is to accomplish a full weeks worth of unfinished projects, reorganization, and behind the scenes management of this business I call running a family. That's why I don't home school, though I solidly admire home school families.

This is how the school year has looked so far:

august 16 -- all kids finally in school after three staggered starting dates
September 6 -- two great full weeks and then everyone home for Labor day
September 24 -- we already need a teacher work day??
October 8 -- and a development day??
This week -- October 18-22 -- fall break (a break from what?)

and coming soon:
November 5 -- another work day
followed by Thanksgiving with Christmas right around the corner.

Looks like teachers need as much of a break from kids as I do and I get it. Boy, do I get it.

Can I just send them anyway to keep the routine going? Much as I love having them around.

I'm trying to quell their enthusiasm over days off from school by turning them into my personal cleaning crew on those days. That'll teach 'em to get excited for a freebie.

Wow, am I valuing teachers all the more today.

Looks like I crave routine every bit as much as the kids do. They need to go to school and sometimes, I just need for them to go.

Happy fall break!


  1. Come up with a service that takes everybody's kids just on the days the schools won't, and you've got gold. You'd be willing to pay a little for peace on those days, wouldn't you? And it looks like you'd only have to run your service a couple of weeks a semester...

  2. Ah, you are right, Erin. I think there already are services that do that.

    I don't remember us having quite so many days off as kids. It felt like we started later, got the job done, and finished on time.

    The fault is really mine. I'm not so good at looking at the calendar and planning ahead for these days off and unorganized idleness mixed with children brings a negative air.

    What would really be golden is the invention of a vitamin water that makes kids speak kindly, share, and respond to their mother with a smile. Now THAT would make me look forward to a teacher work day!

  3. Sign me up. I'm your #1 customer!