"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, October 4, 2010

His 20 Year

"Hey Baby, there's nothing to stress about. It'll be relaxing. It'll be just you and me ... and it'll be fun!"

And so I ...

Cleaned the house for the sitter.
Made certain the laundry was done so she could find what she needed.
Straightened the garage because, let's face it, the bike mess is a hazard.
Shopped for diapers. Went back for ointment.
Bought easy to prepare meals and snacks.
Boosted the animal feed supplies -- cat, chicken and rabbit.
Dropped off the dry cleaning he needs for Monday's return.
Mailed invites for that church function next weekend.
Cleaned the car in case she needed to drive the kids somewhere.
Gassed it up too.
Arranged rides home from school.
Grabbed a birthday present for that party on Saturday.
Double checked to make sure I had proper info about the party ... I didn't.
Got the trash to the curb because the responsible party forgot.
Tracked down a ride to orchestra for Saturday.
Cancelled a violin lesson.
Bookmarked conference on the computer for the sitter.
Downloaded a conference bingo sheet for the kids.
Hemmed and put the zipper in my dress.
Changed the sheets on a bed for the sitter to use.
Set out the guest towels.
Watered the plants.
Straightened my closet because the girls always take a sitter in there to rummage for fingernail polish. Embarrassing.
Got my roots done.
And my eyebrows.
Ridiculously had my nails painted because I did just what I knew I would.
Ripped one nail changing the laundry over from the washer.
Made lists of everything.
Orientated the sitter.
Kissed everyone a thousand times just in case.

And only then was it relaxing and fun. Southern California ... where the sun shines albeit through an orange haze.

I remember my mother and father going to their 20 year high school reunion. I remember thinking I would never be that old.

It's funny to me how four years of high school can be so monumental in a persons life. I blink and four years have passed me by. But those four years, specifically, are such the making of an individual.

It also strikes me how two people living such differing lives on the opposite ends of the country can build a life together. He spent his time on the beach, driving fast cars, shopping for the newest thing, making every day count. All while I was learning to sew, running barefoot through acres of green grass, and avoiding chores by hiding in the woods with my nose in a book.

Southern California and it's culture are a great mystery to me. And yet, as the "Remember When" video footage of partying teens was played and I heard the muttered comments of "Boy, I hope this doesn't turn up on YouTube tomorrow" going on around me, I was grateful. So grateful that I had a guy who, though living in the middle of all of the fun the world has to offer, had kept himself apart enough so as to have no regrets or secrets.

"Hey, you might have to cat fight over me to keep the old girl friends off ..." ... well, not so much. Throwing down that you have six kids seems to kill the magnetism even if you once were charismatic and well liked.

Fun to see him with old friends. Fun to see glimpses of him before we were us. Fun to see that he was actually a kid once, too. Those were good days.


  1. And here I thought for some reason you were in San Diego for the weekend. That's definitely not our temple, though. Duh, of course you weren't in San Diego. So you'll just have to come back sometime. That settles it.

  2. No, if we'd been anywhere near San Diego we'd have definitely come for a visit! Our original plan was to bring the kids but this one turned out to be a quick trip in and out. I thought about you the entire time, though.

  3. And I do so love the construction of the Newport Temple! I was expecting it to look like a chapel but really like the mission style.

  4. The dress is gorgeous on you! And aint it the truth that men never have a clue about how much goes on behind the scenes for us to be able to have a relaxing time away! Jason just can't understand why I'm not more spontaneous!

  5. Yes Mellyn, I was mildly chapped by his rebuttal that I was ten minute late getting in the car off to the airport. But he had ...

    Eaten his breakfast I made him
    Taken his shower
    Packed his belongings
    Watched me make his bed
    And read his newspaper

    Exhausting preparations for sure! Ha!

  6. you look awesome in that dress.

  7. Thanks Rachel! Since he claims the sales lady at the fabric market in India told him that the silk threads were from actual silk worms, my kids have been calling it my silk worm poop dress. Your comment means more to me than you know.

  8. I love the dress. I am jealous that once upon a time, you learned to sew and I never did.
    I love more, however, the list of details that needed to be attended to before you could take some time off. Ain't that the truth!!!!

  9. HOT MAMMA! You look so great Marlowe. And I also loved the list . . . and I loved hearing that he complained about you running 10 minutes late. Isn't that SO annoying? (Obviously it is a familiar situation for me ; )). I still remember the talk you gave in church once . . . you had mentioned a similar list/story of what a mother does on her way to bed. I loved it.

  10. The dress you made is stunning - on the hanger and on you! You're inspiring. Thank you for sharing yourself!

  11. Marlowe, this is an older post, but it popped up under "you might also like...". And indeed, I loved it. You look fantastic and so hilariously funny!!