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-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Homemade baking powder

This is the season for baking. I can't help it.

We're still trying to keep it organic and by that, I mean trying to only use food substances that are completely in their purest and natural forms ... or as close as I can get. And, while we are at it, we are working to eliminate any and all corn. Corn rules the world and we are bringing it down. That is unless your a kernel of corn on a cob ... or a hard kernel waiting to be popped. We are a little weak.

Anyway ...

Baking ...

I took a look at my baking ingredients. Did you know that most store bought baking powder is a combination of:

1) Cream of Tarter -- a natural derivative of grape juice.
2) Baking Soda -- sodium bicarbonate which is a natural or chemically produced salt. It can be gotten in the natural form at a specialty shop which cuts out the chemically produced part.
3) Corn Starch for shelf life
4) And some have Aluminum

Wow. That sounds like more than I need.

Here's how to make baking powder which is essential to the rise of baked goods by the deposit of carbon dioxide in the heating process.

2 parts cream of tarter
1 part organic baking soda

Mix it in a ziplock baggie. Use it as you would baking powder measurements in a recipe.

Period. That's it. Be it TBLS or tsp, it's a a 2:1 ratio. Just cuts out the corn folks. And the aluminum.

Which seems pointless.

And a little dangerous if you ask me.

Now, time to bake something to make my kitchen smell fallish.

(Credit: About.com)


  1. Wow! Now I know that Costco Baking Powder has no aluminum, so that does not bother me, but I AM wondering how they compare price wise! And at least there is an option now for if I ever run out!

  2. I thought I posted a comment? How strange. What I said is that I thought cream of tarter was more expensive than baking powder...

  3. It's not less expensive, it's just corn starch free. I'm trying to eliminate all corn by-products as well.

    Corn is a huge allergen and it's also in just about everything we buy. From starch to syrup. I'm trying to detox my family from being corn fed like a bunch of cattle -- even in the smallest of amounts.

    Price wise, the organic diet is definitely not the cheapest.

    Watch the documentary Food, Inc. It's an eye opener and was certainly a cause for some research around here.

  4. Upon happening by the computer while I had your photo of baking powder up, Jess said, "Oh, great, now you're looking at crack websites?"

    Just so you know how your blog is viewed around our house...

  5. I've heard about Food Inc, but I don't think I will watch it. We are absolutely stretched to the limit financially (esp after everything breaking this summer) and can't afford to spend more than the $$$$ we already spend on food. I try to make the best food choices I can, and of course make many things homemade (Watson that I am) but I have to stay satisfied with what I can afford...

    What I really want to is to buy grass fed beef from the farm down the street, and all organic, darn it! I just trust that the Lord knows the desires of my heart and will make up the difference.

  6. Erin, I have to say, while taking the picture I must have touched my face because when I looked in the mirror later, there was white powder on my nose and I had the same thought exactly. Great -- this is going to really be miss interpreted.