"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Apple Picking

For three years I've driven by my neighbor's house. They have a gorgeously historic piece of property and a beautiful apple tree in their pasture. I have watched that tree cover in pink blossoms each spring, grow apples and then drop those apples to the waiting cows below. Snow comes covering the tree and next year we start all over again. I've vowed every time I've passed by -- and that's a couple of times a day at least -- that one day I would ask them if we could come and pick their apples.

But .. their ranch is a fortress set back from the road and serfs don't just cruise up to the door of a fortress and ask if they can pick the apples.

Until one day a few weeks ago when I was getting kids out of the car to take some photos on the trail by our house and the owners were walking the perimeter of their fence with their dog. Every child with me said "Mom, .. mom! Here's your chance. Just ask...just ask!" Guess my kids had heard me say way too many times in three years, "One day I'm going to ask if we can pick those apples".

So we waved, exchanged pleasantries, and asked.

And what a fantastic couple they are! Not only did they invite us over for apple picking, but we've since had several opportunities to chat and spend time together. They have grand children our children's ages, are the easiest folks to talk with and she is just one of those down to earth women who I feel like I connect with and can't believe I've gone so long without knowing. I just love that.

Friendship and a new tradition just for the price of asking.

This tree is rumored to be the oldest in our county.

Had to post one of each child. They were bursting at the seams as if this was the most exciting thing we had ever done.

Our dad doesn't like for the kids to climb the dangerously brittle pine trees of our yard, so this is the only one I have of Christian. Once he was allowed to climb to the top, he decided to stay there.

This one simply because when I turn around and capture moments like these, they melt my heart.

The Russellville Ranch was a Confederate rendezvous point during the Civil War. See Dad, I did find my own little piece of the South right here in Colorado. Also, the Cherokee trail runs right through it's middle. The owner told a story about how 50 years after the war, some skeletons of supposed convicts were found on the back of the property all chained together with bullets through their skulls and their boots still on. My kids were enthralled. I was not. Now they are combing our property for artifacts ... and skeletons. Hope we don't find any... skeletons that is.


  1. I highly recommend drying some of your apples!!! ;)

  2. Will and I were watching the original "Annie" last night and were both trying to figure out who the adorable actress reminded us of...Janie! Janie definitely has got a lot more goin' for her. She isn't an orphan that's for sure.