"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christian's 12

This post has been long in coming as we've had a whirlwind week with this guy and I wanted to put it all together in one.

We did our usual stuff on Christian's actual birthday, November 13th. Cake, presents, and doing our best to make him feel special. His uncles were here so I can't imagine who wouldn't feel special with those two around.

I reflected on the day he was born. Waiting at the hospital with one of my closest girlfriends while my husband took an unplanned flight from California where he was working with a client. She and I had such a good time and I've said with every birth, that nothing could beat that one. It was light hearted, it was comical, she was a fun companion, then my husband arrived all stressed and took over for the hard part at the end after which they handed me a baby all covered in red hair. The entire experience was memorable and I say, everyone should take a girlfriend to the hospital for the "waiting until it gets hard and I turn ugly" part.

Reasons why Christian is amazing:

1) He's funny. Even when I'm totally irritated at him -- he's still funny.

2) I love to watch the girls at church fight to sit near him. It should worry me at such a young age, but it really just assures me that they like him so because they know what kind of guy he is.

3) He's so active and imaginative. He's always had to be going. Even as a newborn, he was one baby who could not hold still.

4) I've loved watching him and Celia create a junior high bond. There are secrets there that they share.

5) He can't keep a secret to save his life. I love this because it keeps me in the "know" of what is going on with everyone else.

6) He loves fun. Probably more than anyone.

7) He likes to talk. I like to talk. Together we talk.

8) He's so good with Grant. I remember him praying and praying for a little brother. Ever since he got one, he's treated him like his most prized possession.

9) His heart is tender. Toward anyone and anything.

10) He knows who he is and what he stands for -- even when he does something wrong.

Twelve is a big birthday in our church. It means some special things. Newel accompanied him and Celia to the temple for his first experience. He came home glowing with details and so did Celia, as it was exciting to go with her younger brother for his first time.

Grandparents came from Arizona for his priesthood ordination during church on Sunday. Christian seemed nervous but watching him with all those other boys who had gone before and seeing the excitement on his face that he was finally out of my primary was golden (I'm not sure he was glad to actually leave primary as much as he was glad to be out from under my constant watchful stare). He looked like a young man who felt that he had arrived.

Christian and I have spent our "before bedtime routine" for the last couple of weeks, reading this together:

It's a book I'd recommend to all LDS youth. He and I had such great conversations. Last night, Grandpa was able to give Christian his. Some might think it early but boy, do our youth ever need all the guidance they can get these days and Christian is just so unaffected by life's hard knocks as of yet. He was ready.

I was so touched by all of the promises of the man he can become. It's made me look so much more deeply at the spirit of my son. I probably needed to hear all of it just as much as he did. I love him so and couldn't be more happy that he "chose us as his parents". Thank you for that, Grandpa.

Today, my heart is really full for my red haired baby who I sent back out into the world this morning after such a weekend. He's only mine for a little while. And today, I just see a young man who will be leaving my nest all too soon. I love you, Christian.


  1. I can't believe he's already 12! I can't wait to have this experience with my son. I'm sure it will be here before I know it. That day in the hospital with you was an awesome one. One I'll never forget. I so miss you and wish we were closer and could have our children growing up side by side again!

  2. Isn't it a truly amazing experience, seeing them grow up. Sometimes I feel as if I lose perspective in the hurry and mess of it all. Robby and John both had their blessings about two months ago. What a terrific experience as a parent, to have that curtain pulled aside, if only for a moment and get a tiny glimpse of who they are, and who they can become.
    Congratulations to Christian!!!!!

  3. Your last paragraph was lovely! They really do grow up too soon! and is Christian your only 'red-head'? One of my sons is a 'surprise red head'!! I love it and am so surprised at how many people stop us and comment on his hair!

  4. Andra, that's exactly how I felt. Like there was such a bigger picture before me.

  5. I've never had another trip to the hospital quite like my Kirkham taxi drive!