"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gimmicks that work

School Thanksgiving lunch ...

A -- Making parents walk through the book fair fundraiser to the lunch room. That's just irritatingly genius. Kind of like whoever dreamed up the candy at the grocery store checkout line.

B -- Charging $3.85 for the exact same tiny lunch my children ate for $2.50 ... and not even an extra scoop of cranberry sauce???

C -- School lunch still smells like old gym socks.

D -- If your going to serve half-inch thick slices of compressed turkey loaf and ban cutting utensils of all makes and models, there have got to be some expected spills ... I don't care how old you are. I'm just sayin'.

When my first was a kindergartner, I dutifully picked her up at the half day mark and there she stood with her lip poked out on the school sidewalk alone with her teacher. "Where's everybody else? I'm not late, am I?" I queried. "Their parents all came and took them to the school Thanksgiving lunch" the teacher answered. I had a toddler and a baby in the car so I took her home anyway, I mean, let's not start what we don't have to, right?

We're sack lunch takers and so the next year, I thought the same. Not my deal, we take our lunch, and I'm not buying in. Until "the only child without a parent" came home from school and I took the brunt of it all.

And so, each year, I fix my hair and put on my lipstick and head down for the lunch of all lunches.

I heard a woman next to me proclaim to one of the ladies on the lunch line, "It's just not Thanksgiving without school Thanksgiving lunch!" I stopped short all the thoughts in my head. See "A" through "D" above if you have doubts as to where I stood on all of this.

But ... in the spirit of Thanksgiving, though I think contriving an event that makes parents drop everything and run furthering entitlement issues else long faces abound ... I am glad not to have missed the smiles on theirs' as they entered from recess and found me waiting.

(Even though I prefer to show up out of the blue and not just because I'm expected to. Just sayin'.)

Eliza didn't care that the rolls smelled like gym socks. Isn't innocence nice?

Over dinner Janie started in about today being "the best day ever" because Mom came to lunch. There you go. Condemned for my negative thoughts.

Terrible picture below, but I just love seeing Grant and Aiden together. They crack me up. They're best buds and yes, ... they're both first graders.

Who knows ... maybe it's really not Thanksgiving without a school Thanksgiving lunch.


  1. I'm givin' thanks right now that our school doesn't have one of these!

  2. Last year was probably the hardest. With four children in elementary school, I had to make one lunch last from 11 to 1 just so's I got credit by all four children who arrived in differing shifts. Sheesh!

  3. LOL about the shifts! I guess my children have missed out on that little tradition, and I'm just as glad!

  4. I LOVE school lunch. Best $2.00 ever spent! I'm probably the only person in the world who enjoys it but it's because deep down inside, under all this Maybelline, hairspray, and OPI nail polish, I am, in fact, a Butt-Smeller (that's a term I coined to represent those fat kids in j-high who eat Funyuns, have acne, and do gross things like flood their lunch trays with chocolate milk).

  5. Next year, I'm flying you out! But be sure and bring the Funyuns -- they are our fave.