"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

Post Editorial: I actually weighed all of the candy and it's over 15 lbs. Not the 10 I estimated.

These guys walk away from Halloween with a mother load of candy. I mean the kind you could pour out on the floor and do snow angels in. Trust me, I've seen them do it.

I don't like candy. It makes me cranky like a trip to the dentist -- or maybe because of last weeks trip to the dentist. It's personality altering. I know after I've had a few too many, I'm certainly a different gal. I could spread out the love, commandeer it all and delve it back in small portions, or just let them free for all it and be candy-less in a 24 hour span. But, I'd just rather not have it around at all.

I don't like the wrapper garbage. Last year, I instigated a rule that for every wrapper and sucker stick I found on the floor, I got to take three pieces of candy out of each child's stash and then I threw it in our outside trash no matter who's fault it was. This year so far, however, they've policed themselves pretty well.

I don't like the moaning when I throw down the rules and I don't like the sneaking to break the rules and I don't like having to monitor every single move.

I don't like the crying when siblings get into other siblings candy. I don't like the accusations that my property taxes are too high and that I'm using that as an excuse to just take what I want.

By the way ... side note here. Who were these hidden from?

Nice try, whoever you are. Your just lucky your "eye level" siblings didn't find them first. But not really lucky because I ate them.

At our house, the night after Halloween, the Great Pumpkin comes for a visit. All of those willing to leave their candy bags on the foot of their bed, will wake up in the morning to find it traded for a small gift.

I don't like being woken up in the dark (yes, that's pitch blackness you see in the windows behind these kids) to feign excitement over the Great Pumpkin's goodness.

I don't like being late to school because we were too enthralled over new Lego's to get ready on time.

I don't like having to figure out what to do with ten pounds of candy.

Sorry, I told you candy makes me cranky. Maybe another Reese's from my closet will do the trick ....

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