"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

My dining room is littered with fabric scraps, sewing thread, safety pins, face paint, hair nets, and bobby pins of all sizes. My floor is covered in laundry waiting, candy wrappers, sucker sticks, straw, and craft supplies. My memory is full of happy faces, fun smiles and laughter of time spent together.

Friday (post school party debacle)

Church fall festival. It's the social of the year. I only caught pictures of Eliza it would seem, as everyone else disappeared with friends which is why we were there after all.

It doesn't take long to figure out the trick or treat street. I was immediately taken back to that very first time with Celia. That first piece of candy and sitting down instantly to unwrap it and learn all about what was inside. Eliza's experience was a total flashback.

I spent my entire afternoon playing "Do I dress her up or do I not dress her up". They don't really care at this age and then it's costumes for the next little piece of forever. Funny contrast to the month's worth of planning with my first. But, my girls didn't buy my "why start something I don't have to" attitude and balked at the idea of not getting her into the spirit of things. Glad we did because she sure was fun that night and sort of opted out of the rest of the weekend's festivities.


Living rurally means there is no trick or treating really. Some gals in our neighborhood organize a Haunted Hayride with stops at each dirt road intersection where parents and neighbors pass out candy up and down our trailer pulling caravan. It's always the Saturday before Halloween and where we all celebrate.

To me, it's got that Martha Stewart feel without the jail time. The kids come out of the woodwork, folks reunite and catch up, we pull trailers full of kids and straw borrowed from the farm down the way ... it's the best Halloween tradition ever.

Christian, I sure hope one day when you are sitting around my Thanksgiving table talking about how mom never let you get a store bought costume, that you remember how we designed this one together so totally at the last minute and that it was the best! -- and that people who had met Freddy were glad to see him again. He might have to be a tradition.

Celia and her posse. There comes a time when you want to be something cute and pretty and scary all at the same time. Gothic vampire princess, I think?? At least they don't think they are too old to dress up. Love that.


Halloween on a Sunday feels a little out of character to our family. A day at church followed by scary costumes just doesn't quite fit so we looked for alternate activities since we'd pretty much filled up on holiday fun.

Pumpkin bread making, bagged and tagged for some door bell ditching to our friends and neighbors, was just what we needed to finish out our Halloween. We each took turns approaching to knock and run while the others waited in the woods. Dad kept the car running on the road with a too tired Eliza. We had such a good time waiting for the doors to open so we could all shout from the dark woods "Happy Halloween!" with ghoulish cries. And we were only worried about getting shot twice.

Then home for some Hallo-wieners, more candy swapping and retelling of favorite moments from our weekend. Hope yours was full of traditional memories too!


  1. Not a lot of people trick-or-treat in Australia but the trunk-or-treat we do at church looks similar to your haunted hayride!! Your kids look great :)

  2. I LOVE your photos! Your Halloween looked like so much fun..and I think I've mentioned before how I wish you could teach me to sew!! My daughter is starting lessons soon so maybe I can learn through her! Love the hallo-weiners!

  3. SO unfair. Those are my curls and you know it and my daughter didn't get ANY.

    I'm going off to sit in a corner and kick the wall and pout.

  4. Erin, to everyone who asks where they come from, I always give credit to you.