"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Memories

Lara Sue (sister in law married to #1): I remember showing up at the house in Franklin one year and Emily was MAD at Erin because she kept not letting her do something. Then on Christmas morning Emily opened Erin’s gift and it was a WHOLE bunch of doll clothes and furniture and such. All of a sudden Emily was Erin’s best friend. I thought it was so neat the Erin had put that much work into Emily’s gift, and that Emily, once she saw the gift, knew how much work it had taken.

I also remember the Christmas, early on in my history with y’all, we were at the beach. It was the day after Christmas and the girls all went out and found a cross-stitch store. They had $5 grab bags that were stapled shut in just brown paper bags. Every one of us ended up getting one and we had such fun opening them up and seeing what was in them. It was like a mini-Christmas all over again.

There was also the year in Franklin that Mark kept joking about stealing the silverware since it was real silver. The funniest part of it was after we got home, the following Sunday, Mark found a silver fork in his jacket.

Also, one of the earliest years, I had totally spaced stockings. We were all at the beach and for some reason I just forgot to pack the stockings, and forgot to even worry about filling them. I mean I really spaced the stockings. Yet somehow, Christmas morning there were stockings there for us that were filled as full as everyone else’s. I don’t know who packed the extra stockings but thank you.

Emily (#9): Who? Me? Mad at someone? Never! Preposterous! Even-tempered is more my style.

I do remember the doll with the hand-sewn clothes, though Erin. I think it's still in my closet at home. She had a Christmas dress and a kilt and a tiny sweater. I think the doll was originally yours and you just remade her to be mine with new duds. I LOVED that doll and I love it even more now that I'm old enough to appreciate it.

Mamie (#6): I can still remember the Christmas that Grand Janie let us all choose an ornament off her tree and I chose this ratty old Grandma Doll because I thought it was adorable. She then proclaimed that Meg had chosen the ornament of the most worth, but I didn’t agree because even though Grandma’s hands are on backwards and she has holes in her face, she was my favorite. She is still in my box of decorations today.

I remember those years that we hid things in each others stockings, and asked Mom if we could sleep in the living room with the Christmas Tree lights on weeks before Christmas Day even came.

Whatever your family does together that makes it special and that you remember is what tradition as all about. I am sure we didn’t look up one day and say that dancing around the Christmas Tree is tradition. I bet those before us didn’t have any idea that we would read “Everywhere, Everywhere, Christmas Tonight” and shout “We’re in the Christmas!” every year.

Traditions are those things that make the time special and meaningful and easy for you and your loved ones to remember what is most important and what really is just fluff. Thanks for all the great Christmas memories folks. They have made me who I am.

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