"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Stories

Emily (#9): I had completely forgotten about hiding stuff in each other stockings. Ha! That was the best! Christmas morning always had Santy-Clause's stuff and then a spoon from the kitchen or an old pair of socks. Hilarious.
One year, Mamie, the boys, and I got up at the crack of dawn and sat in the living room with only the tree lights on. I remember Mamie and I were both curled up in Dad's old chair and the "magic" of Christmas was blanketing the whole room so heavily that none of us wanted to say anything and risk breaking the spell. I remember looking at that MOUND of Christmas presents, and in my childish mind, thinking, "I wonder how many of them are for me!?!?" The funny thing is, the only thing I actually remember getting that year is THAT deep-cut picture of being curled up with my sister under the twinkle of the lights. Interesting how that works.

Josh (#2): One of my first Christmas memories was in Mauldin in about 1983. I don't think that I had been especially good that year and halfway expected ashes and switches. Most of us,(at least Mark and I) lived in one of the downstairs bedrooms and the big living room was also downstairs. I remember trying to hear Santa Claus make some noise so I could catch him in the act as I lay there wondering whether reindeer really know how to fly. I must have dozed off but when I awoke all was quiet so I silently strode out of the bedroom, down the hall, and into the living room. In one corner was the Christmas tree but the couch was obscuring the bounteous spread. As I walked around the back of the couch I could see the wheels, shiny paint, and chrome handlebars of a new BMX bike. I had no idea what time it was and I was not completely sure that bike was for me due to my conduct throughout the year. It did occur to me that I was the only one big enough for that bike and Mark probably already had one. Then it hit me--if Santa caught ME, then there was no chance that bike would be mine. I sprinted back to bed and lay there for a lifetime until I heard someone from upstairs start down. Like Joseph and Will I rode the wheels off that bike. So I say again, "thank you, Santa Claus!!"

Me (#2): Who could ever forget those reindeer dad worked for hours to make for GJ -- I'm hoping as the oldest granddaughter, that those will pass down to me :)

Erin (#5): Was that the year we tarped all our presents to the top of the Suburban and bungee-corded the "Santa Crossing" sign to the front of it?

Me (#2): I believe it was! And I think it was the first year I ever saw snow at the beach and Dad taught us all a little defensive driving in the snow lesson.

Will(#7): Dec. 25, 1996. For Christmas that year at the beach, Mark and Laura Sue gave each of us kids a MatchBox car as you all remember. Im sure that they just got them at the dollar store, and that was all that they could afford for our army that year. I'll be honest, this gift paled in comparison to the bikes, Tonka Trucks and Super Soakers of years previous. But guess what? AFTER 13 YEARS, I STILL HAVE MINE. (see attachment for proof). I guess It wasn't that bad of a gift, since I still have it. With the gift is attached a great memory. The "Tonka Trucks" have long since been forgotten, buried in the mud of the stream on Woodhaven Dr., and this little matchbox car, as with every physical gift in this life is bound for a similar fate. The memory of that Christmas at the beach under a freakish 9 inches of snow in an uninsulated house on stilts, however, is mine and y'alls to keep forever.

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