"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, December 24, 2010

Everywhere, Everywhere, Christmas Tonight

Mom: I wanted to tell you all how much Dad has especially enjoyed the stories. He said he had forgotten every memory and it has been so special for him to hear all of these things. He has talked about the stories and even begun to remember a few of his own. But this is what surprised me - yesterday, he and I went to town and he kept saying he had to stop at Lowes. We finally got there and I found out why. He needed hooks and/or nylon ties for hanging our Christmas lights! When we got home, he came in and got out the tree and asked about the noodle Jesus. He needed to know y'all cared. It has made a great Christmas for him. He has the printed copies on his desk and is reading them again and again. Thank you all so much.

I love family traditions. We are full of them. For as long as I can remember our family has gathered children together on Christmas Eve before bedtime, to read the poem "Everywhere, Everywhere, Christmas tonight". I remember being a little girl and my grandfather who has long since passed, reading it with tears in his eyes as he was brought to remembrance his own father reading as he sat listening as a boy.

Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight.
Christmas in lands of the fir tree and pine,
Christmas in lands of the palm tree and vine;
Christmas where snow-peaks stand solemn and white,
Christmas where corn-fields lie sunny and bright;

Christmas where children are hopeful and gay,
Christmas where old men are patient and gray,
Christmas where peace, like a dove in its flight,
Broods o'er brave men in the thick of the fight;

For the Christ-child who comes is the Master of all,
No palace too great and no cottage too small.

A few years ago, my mother gave us all a copy of the One Hundred and One Book of Poems from which to read it.

Tonight brings me home to you all. I love you and Merry Christmas.


  1. This is so special! It has been awesome to read all of your siblings' thoughts on Christmas' past. Is this your Mom's handwriting? How very sweet! Wishing you a delightful Christmas, Marlowe, with your family! hugs, Cathy

  2. Please tell me that this poem is something your other grandfather read to you? Because all I remember our mutual grandfather ever telling us is the story of Fido?!?

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  4. Merry Christmas, Marlowe! We missed not getting to spend this holiday with you. Thanks for your sweet invite to go skiing. If only Will didn't have to work those days, we would be driving your way in a jiffy! Have so much fun for us, and know we're thinking of you and yours.