"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paving the Road -- March

Here are some thoughts on paving my road.

March is well on it's way and I've been thinking about what I could add to the last two month's goals. They are a work in progress needing progressively more work.  This month being half gone already, I want to add reinforcement to these. 

Last night as I waited for my husband to complete a bit of work so that we could spend some kid-less time together, I read about this woman's struggles here.  It made me crawl into bed and soak in the warmth of the man laying next to me, listening carefully to his even breathing as he easily drifted off to sleep.

This morning I read this on my iPhone, perched on the end of the tub, warming my feet in the water as my baby splashed in the bubbles.  Putting my unimportant phone away, I promised myself to never again hand her over to an older sibling to take up to bed for convenience sake while I finish some task that could wait.

My husband and I filled last weekend with many a parenting discussion in our free time together.  In one such discussion, I lamented that I had a vision in my head of evenings filled with tidy home, dinner done, family gathered safely in, children pj-ed and settling for bed, a story all cuddled under a blanket, a scripture followed by a prayer and sleepy children drifting upstairs with mother following poised with kisses and a listening ear over tales of the day.

We laughed.  Not our kids.  Heaven forbid, we should call a close to the day when there's still fun to be had.  "Time for bed" might as well be translated "time for a party".

Yesterday afternoon was hectic torture born gracefully by all.  I piggybacked ortho and doctor appointments in the hopes of one trip the distance we must drive for all the children's needs.  It took me an hour to hit three schools and pull five children for our exodus.  Two orthodontist visits, a swing in for two haircuts, two doctor visits and an unexpected trip to a lab for two blood draws found us shaken-if-not-stirred just a little too close to dinner time and a long way from home.  "Okay, everybody breathe," I said to the backseat, "it we can all take a deep breath, I think we can survive the all-you-can-eat salad bar at Jason's deli.  What do you think?"  And our brink of despair turned to cause for celebration.  We cheerfully piled plates of favorites and cleared our full monies worth, talking and laughing while wishing our dad weren't working late and could join us.  

Celia loves shirts with sayings.  This is one of her favorites.  It makes me think every time I see her wear it.  Life's not full of perfection.  I'd like for it to be.  Truth is, it's not.  But, it can be full of reasons to celebrate.  Kids who love being together so much that even though it's bedtime, they see a party ready to burst.  Moments that are frustrating can be turned with even the simplest of celebrations.  A stop in at a park, a walk down the road, a sucker at the bank, a private moment with mom.

The women linked above have experienced the unimaginable.  They've branded me with a reminder that life is fleeting.  Celebrate it.  Make every moment cause for celebration.  Because today ... those moments are free.  Keep them. 


  1. Marlowe.....what an eye opener for me! If I wasn't being interrupted by my 6 little blessings, I would be able to put together a much longer/deeper comment for you. But I only have time for the parts about our night routine seems to be just like yours. I, too, have images in my head of everyone being clean and fresh, us all snuggling together and reading. Some sort of peaceful, loving routine. Instead, every night like you say is "party-time" and everyone wanting to sleep in places other than their room, "forgetting" to brush teeth even though they have been upstairs getting ready for 30 minutes and finishing off with a loving yell from one of their parents! :)

    Life is fleeting. I needed this reminder today....I probably need it every day.

  2. Totally nailed it, Kayla. I have to remind myself, it's what they'll remember that's important, not necessarily what I will.

  3. I love reading your blog Marlowe! And those links you included - I can't even imagine the heart break! Thank you for this precious reminder, something I clearly need to be made aware of regularly!