"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 24th -- Janie Turned 9

There are two ways to look at it.  Feel passed over when a birthday falls on a holiday or feel totally celebrated that the hoopla of a holiday coincided.  I think Janie will always remember the year her birthday fell on Easter Sunday.

She declared it the best ever.  I couldn't love more that she was so utterly thrilled to receive as her gift, a new dress made by her mother from the watermelon fabric I caught her coveting time and time again.  She's so happy with the simple things in life.

Nine things to celebrate our nine year old girl:

1.  She took us from "parenting 101 to parenting 505".  There are things to be learned from children with a lot of spunk and boy, has she upped our patience, negotiation skills, and reasoning.  We're better at what we do because of her.

2.  Every family needs a policeman.  She's ours.  Where would we be without her?

Probably walking around with dirty hands in a house full of un-flushed toilets.

3.  She's a very best friend.  The best any could ask for.

4.  I love how she loves having a baby sister who lights up when she's around.  Last night, I listened to the two of them say "I love you'' back and forth from bed to crib, crib to bed in the dark after I'd left their room.  I didn't want to loose that moment ever.

5.  She has come so far this year from some of our past power struggles.  I love the times we sit to discuss a difficult situation and the "reasonable" light comes on and we understand one another.

6.  Janie is reliable.  That girl has her room cleaned, bed made, chores done, homework finished, planner signed .... she's orderly, on time, and dedicated with no second asking. 

7.  Janie stands up for what is right every time.

8.  I just love that toothy grin.  It's contagious.

9.  And she has a love for the simplest of things.  Family movie nights, crafting with sisters, walks at sunset, reading together ... she and I were cut from the same fabric, so to speak.  That gives her a soft spot in my heart always.

Happy Birthday, Janie!  Our family wouldn't feel complete without you.


  1. No way is Janie 9! I can't believe it. You know, I don't know if I've ever told you, but I have a soft spot for Janie too. Wow! I have never seen a kid with more charm, cleverness, and personality. Love the dress you made for her too.

  2. I laughed out loud at her spy book of flushed toilets! Funny! Our 9 year old has taught us quite a bit too! Happy Birthday, Janie!!!

  3. oh that tub picture is one in a million.