"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's day ... real update

Another nice-ish day.  Another close home track meet. And the mystery of this morning's tardiness-causing-misplaced-shoes case solved.

We had so much fun at Monday's meet, we thought we'd try to repeat the fun.  Put a plan into action and watch the clouds roll in.  

Sitting ... nay, huddling, in the bleachers, my two teens approached each wearing the other's shoes. She looked ready to run a track, he looked odd in a sister's shoes.  So, I asked:

"Why are you wearing each other's shoes?"

"The pair I picked up this morning were Janie's." says my track star.  A-ha, that explains it.  "I needed Christian to switch with me so I could run."

Made sense.  I withheld smarty comments about walking a mile in your brother's shoes.  It was hard.

Another mom told me she thought that the sweetest thing ever, for one sibling to do for another. Not many would and it was nice to see.  My heart swelled.

And then ....

Perched on the far end bleachers, I watched my younger children run back and forth across the football field surrounded by the track.  My six year old boy took off running from one grassy end to the other.  

He paused two thirds of the way, looked down at a runner's abandoned pile of paraphernalia, grabbed a Gatorade off the top, lickety split consumed half the bottle, recapped, dropped and kept on running.  

In what felt like a slow motion moment, the unsuspecting owner passed my boy, swiped his drink from the top of his pile and tore off down the field unknowingly chugging his defiled refreshment.

Too far to shout, too quick to be stopped and a lesson learned?  Watch your Gatorade carefully and a mother's pride comes with serious checks and balances. 


  1. Love it! It seems as if there is always a surprise around every corner in parenting!!! I am so very impressed that Christian was willing to trade shoes!!!

  2. That is so funny! The Gatorade part - I can just picture myself standing up ready to intervene/yell and realizing that I am too far away to do anything....and spluttering as I sit back down. Now, onto the sweet part....did she have to promise him her first born child for him to switch shoes with her? If not, you are doing a great job with teaching your children empathy and compassion!!!

  3. that is pretty darn funny.

  4. Ah, Kayla, that sums it up. Never have my hands been so tied.

    And Yes, I was so surprised that there were no deals made or promises given. He simply said, "She needed them!" Now, that doesn't mean he didn't go home and charge another child $1 for the use of his calculator during homework hours :)