"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, May 9, 2011

No expecations

This was the year of the greatest mother's day ever. 

I chatted with my best girlfriend on Friday about Mother's day weekend tending to leave me feeling frustrated and less than motherly as I continue to referee arguments and mop up oceans of tears on a day that is supposed to feel special.  She boiled it down to the simple yet ugly truth.  I had expectations.  Best girlfriends are like good mirrors.

After taking that hard look, this year I changed my perspective.  Rather than entering in with expectations of being celebrated, I focused more on the celebration that I am so lucky to be the mother here.

It made all the difference.  Every little kind word spoken, dish done, homemade gift given, hand held, hug squeezed, ring of laughter, goodnight kiss, and yes ... even tear stopped ... held a deeper meaning.  I get to be their mother, day in and day out, for better or worse.

Favorite things, memories made and a weekend not soon forgotten:

First grade mother's tea on Friday
Saturday breakfast out and park fun
A dad led window washing party, inside and out :)
A clean chicken coop  :)  :) 
A clean car :)  :)  :)
Sunday homemade gifts and secrets revealed
Dinner and dishes done just for me
Soaking in the best weather yet
Sun bathing with kids and pre-planning our summer
Listening to their music and sharing in conversations
Helping with a hula hoop routine for a school talent show
Movie night as a family
Several outings together on a new ride for both me and E.
Beautiful flowers
And time with a good dad who makes it all possible.

Thanks to the best kids and dad, for making me feel lucky to get to be the mother here and making me feel celebrated all at the same time. It couldn't have been a more perfect weekend than to be privileged to build more memories with you.  It was the greatest of mothering days.


  1. I love it! I always tell my husband that I'm not a pessimist, I just have low expectations so I'll be pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed :-) And besides the family time, the clean car sounds the best of all!

  2. I can honestly say I hardly have any expectations anymore and it has been the best thing ever. Every now and then a little hopeful/wishful thinking happens as my birthday or something approaches - but I stifle it as soon as possible - for my own good!

  3. Sounds like you had a nice mother's day. I'm glad. I don't think I could squash my expectations even if I wanted to. Perhaps the longer I am a mother, the more that will happen. Happy Mother's Day. I think you are an amazing woman!

  4. I love this too! I would be lying if I said I hadn't felt dissapointed in the past because of unmet expectations......now I know the secret :) haha! I'm glad you had a lovely mothers day! You absolutely deserve it!!! xo