"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This time around the track

We've held strong to our plan this year.  It's turned me into a jealous keeper of our time and a homebody to boot.  There have been no afternoons of cramming kids into a car for somewhere we have to be due to individual lessons and it's been nicer than nice.  

We've had our moments.  We've had to schedule afternoon orthodontics and there have been 4-H meetings to attend.  Wednesday nights find us carting to the church for activities.  But, all in all, I'd call it a success.

I've loved dinners together, vacation time, and making our activities family centered.  I don't ever want to go back.

Then Celia came to me begging to do track with friends because it was her last year of middle school and those friends would be parting ways to attend differing high schools.  She'd been so good and asked for so little all year and track extends only a few short weeks.

So, hardened mom that I am,  I caved.  

I was firm, however, that if there's one thing I can depend on, it's Colorado spring weather and all of it's nasty glory.  I was clear that I would not stand on the sidelines donning a parasol in my best feathered hat whilst yelling "Come on Dover, move your bloomin' arse!" in rain, sleet, snow or hail. 

Until yesterday's weather brought a tolerably sunny afternoon full of amiable children joyfully anticipating running amuck with their friends.  I couldn't resist an outing to watch our filly stretch those fetlocks at top speeds around the track.

And though I have no intentions of retreating to our harry carry ways of old, it was nice to enjoy the occasional. 


  1. Marlowe - I love the running shots - great job! I went back and read the Downsize posts and will share w/my husband - we've had discussions already about the extracurricular activities. Loved your husband's charts! The arse cracked me up too - sounds very Appalachian ;-)

  2. Hey Marlowe,

    I am enjoying your blog so much. Kim gave me the link. I really love seeing your family and all that is going on with you. I hope you get more warm weather soon!
    Meg Rollins Petty

  3. I too went back and read your downsize posts. Funny thing is - hubby and I have been having those same conversations about activities. And I have been on a simplifying kick - but, alas, it is taking me forever too. But I shall press on. Our problem is down here in Georgia - there is spring ball and fall ball - because the weather is so nice....did NOT have that problem with extended seasons in Minnesota....made it much easier for everyone to just have one thing going!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Meg! It's so good to hear from you :)

    Kim -- that's how accountants do things. Fun, huh?

    Kayla, I think we're afraid we'll miss out on something! Funny that there are a bunch of little somethings right in front of us missing out as we scramble to be involved in everything ?!