"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wrappin' it up: Part II

I totally feel like I should rip my blouse to reveal my supermom costume lying underneath this week.

Just kidding.

It has been one year-end event after another and I've flown around at warp speed with baby and camera on board.  Granted, I caught my cape in the door more than a few times making me late but late or not, each time it seemed I'd made it just in time to put a smile on a face.  I never really knew my presence would be noticed much less so appreciated.   

This time of year, I always relate to this sign coming down our freeway from the mountains.  It describes my feelings every day as I struggle to balance all the year end stuff while keeping kids motivated to finish up projects, tests, and homework.

So, again, if you aren't a grandparent of these kids, this might not interest you, but here's more of our "wrappin' it up" stuff that I don't won't to forget.

These cute bestest friends at the fifth grade Characters in American History Wax Museum.  

An Honorable Mention Art Award.  I did get to see Celia's display at the show.

Do you remember having to stand on risers and sing to parents in the sixth grade?  This enforced show choir extravaganza was NOT cool to my middle school boy.  He tried to throw a bunch of stuff from my kitchen cupboard into a toilet and convince me he was vomiting and couldn't go.  Nice try.
We're supposed to never speak of this experience again.

But afterward, he let me take him to dinner .. just me and him.  Boy was it an eye opener to see him for the young man he is and not just the boy-who's-supposed-to-take-out-the trash-but-always-forgets, that I thought he was.

I swung by the school to grab a glimpse of field day on my way home from a church committee meeting.  A lot of parents come to this one but kids running all over rarely notice they are there.  I've huddled on the sidelines with a cranky baby too many times so I usually sit this one out.   Grant's look of un-expectation to see me there, tickled me.

I missed Janie's class.  They'd already evacuated the field from the rain.  I caught her through the classroom door, resting and enjoying a story from the teacher. Fun to watch her without being noticed but man, does she wear that coat everywhere or what?!  I even have to ask her to take it off and stay awhile when we are home :) 

I think Annie was panicked I wouldn't make it.  She was right.  Those darn loaves of bread I was baking for teacher gifts had risen slower than I'd anticipated.  But make it I did, to see her awarded the "Character Award" as one who loves and cares for all others steadfastly.
I can tell by her face that she was relieved when she sat back down and saw that I was, in fact, beaming from the back of the room.  

Here's where this teacher and I got teary.  She was an answer to some very heartfelt prayer over the needs of my girl.  I'll be eternally grateful for her love and dedication to our daughter.
And see .. I'm teary all over again just thinking of this beautiful teacher.

So to end on a high note ... school talent show and a girl who at first wanted to sing or pluck something out on the piano.  "Everyone sings or plays," says I, "But who can do an unforgettable hula hoop routine??"  Here's a practice run.

Only Janie. 

Yes, we generally look like ragamuffins.  And if you're wondering, Janie keeps her homemade first aid kit on her belt loop because she seems to get injured a lot.  

Amidst the school library books that need returning, end of the year party collections, influx of unused materials waiting for organization, and quick trips to save that one child who forgot that one thing ... I remember the words of a wise friend with grown children reminding me that once they are in school, it's amazing how quickly time passes as the years click off.  She was so right.

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  1. Marlowe, how awesome of you to make it to all of those events for the kiddos!! What great kiddos you have! I love this post and I am going to print off the sign to remind myself, too! Janie is quite a talented hula hooper!! hugs, Cathy