"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A delicate balancing act

Warm weather winds send children my way with handfuls of fallen nests.  I always catch myself hoping the families of these intricately built homes have moved on to new phases of life.  With the first of these wonders, Newel called us around to take in it's carefully placed design.  It was laced with a string, twigs, some lint, all to create a securely sheltered environment for the raising a family.

Not too long ago, I awoke in the night and lay sleeplessly going over in my mind the many worries of a mother.  There's so much to teach and was I teaching it all?  Not enough just to learn to clean a room, but to be organized in life also.  Not enough just to make good grades, but to be inwardly driven and a finisher as well.  Not enough just to be kind and help in a family, but to look around and see the needs of others and always jump in.

Compounding those worries, I thought on the balancing act of most principles.  Befriend everyone ... but use good judgement.  Eat healthy ... but don't instill eating disorders.  Teach hygiene ... but don't damage self esteem.  Avoid inappropriate media ... but trust they can make good decisions on their own.  Chores for pocket money ... but learn to value a dollar.  Young men respect young women ... young women behave respectably.

It feels so overwhelming. Especially multiplied by six. 

Placing the nest atop our bookshelf, I wondered, what makes it more than just a few twigs in the wind?  What's the glue that holds each precariously placed element sealed together creating a sheltered home in which her babies learned to stretch their wings and confidently fly away?  As my husband and children stood over the nest that first day, one exclaimed, "Don't you just feel heavens help at work here?" 

And I felt the truth in that.  That all of the twigs I lay in my own delicate balancing act, will only stay woven with heavens help and a lot of love.  Never truer than my grandmother's words, "Pray and don't worry or worry and don't pray".


  1. beautiful...you have a wonderful way with words and feelings! hugs, cathy

  2. best post Marlowe! This is one of my favorites!!

  3. Beautiful Marlowe, so touching. I completely relate.

  4. I can also relate to these late night thoughts multiplied by six! Love the way you wrapped it up - I have to remember that heavens help is here for the taking.

  5. Love this! You have a way of expressing what's in my heart in a way I never could. Hope things are going well for y'all.

  6. I too love this!! You express so well just how delicate the balancing act of motherhood is!! Beautiful touching words!!

    Much love xo