"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lost in Translation

This tickled the computer geek in some of us.  It was our dad's favorite.  It had nothing to do with computers unless you imagined your computer exploding into showers of sparks and jetting streams of burning fury.  Still ... cause for many jokes like "Don't make me go all 'computer land' on you." Newel says sometimes firework titles get lost in translation on their way through foreign factories. Boy howdy, did this one ever but we've determined it's got to be a Linford family tradition.

I hope your July 4th was great.  With some camera issues, I didn't get not one picture, but I did get to experience how fantastic it is to participate in front of a camera rather than behind one.

Well ... sort of.  Eliza didn't like the fireworks, so we observed behind a glass door, but still.

I thought a lot about traditions and what a short time we have as a family before all these little folks scurry off to build traditions with families of their own.  It gave me a real perspective to how important family gatherings are to mothers and mother-in-laws.  For myself, the future of our own current togetherness will one day be a scattered dream and all I'll have is a wish that they will come and be mine, if only for a weekend.  So, even though I feel the last weeks of summer vacation melting away faster than I can stop it and an overwhelming desire to hold this time jealously close, we're gearing up for some extended family fun in the next few weeks ahead. 

So... happy July, and I hope you make every day a "computer land" day!

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  1. Where would Computer Land even come from? They even have all the pictures of monitors on the packaging. Do you wonder if they were thinking "What the...?" when they were printing it and packaging it!!!

    I don't let myself go there too much about how few of these times we have together. Rainman every now and then will throw one in about how many vacations/trips/experiences we have until D-man is out of the house....I shut him down right away. I am just happily sticking my head in the sand....for now....