"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ending in the black

That's a term I picked up from my accounting counterpart.

Today went a little like this:  

Trip to Costco to get supplies for a barbecue lunch I'm holding in my yard on Saturday for our church.  I carefully gathered what I went for and stood in a long line, ready to pay cash since my debit card was stolen last week.  After a long wait resulting in a strung out two year old, the cashier rung me up and tacked on a renewal fee for which I didn't have cash in hand to pay for.

They wouldn't defer the fee.

I walked away from the full cart carrying a screaming child.

Who screamed the entire half hour drive home.

Total wash of a morning.

She was so wrapped up, she didn't want to settle for a much needed nap so I lay down with her for just a minute ....

Or so I thought until I opened my eyes as kids came in through the door from school.

Total wash of an afternoon.

Christian had an activity scheduled with the boys from church to go to a Jumping-amusement-play place-thingy for big kids.  He had to work with his tutor first and I gave him strict instructions to be home by 5:30.

I yanked him from her house at 6.  He'd misunderstood and thought I'd said 6:30.  We missed the rendezvous point with the other boys, so I had to take him myself.  It was miles away.  There went my plans to drop him and revisit Costco with funds for a renewal and my groceries.

I drove my aluminum falcon at warp speed to Jumpstreet — a facility full of bowling lane sized trampolines.  

Only problem, I'd left my phone at home and didn't know quite where I was going.  We made our way but waited a long time for no one from the group to show up.

I borrowed the front desk phone and called home.  The group was at another Jumpstreet on the other side of town.

Total wash of an evening.

And then I looked at Christian.

I could tell that all the ice cream in the world on the way home, wouldn't make up for his disappointment.

"Wanna jump with just me ??"  I asked and his face actually lit up. "Can we?" he said.

So we bought the two hour wristbands, instructed the dad and kids at home not to wait up, and jump we did.

Even learned how to back flip.

Well, he did.  

I tried and train wrecked and he called me awesome and didn't appear a stitch embarrassed that his mother would give it a whirl.  Or half a whirl as it turned out, hence the face plant ... twice.

We relived it excitedly all the way home and my day that felt so much like it had dipped into the red, had ended in the black after all.  


  1. I wanna be a mom like you when I grow up! Seriously, I love that you were able to take a look at his face and do that for him...I only hope that if given that same opportunity, I would be brave enough also! I bet that is one of his favorite memories for a very, very long time!

  2. Oh Marlowe, that is beautiful. Congrats to you for both seeing and seizing the moment. And I'm so so so sorry about the costco thing--yuck!

  3. Thanks Kayla and Cindy. This morning I'm going to down a few Ibuprofen and limp back over to Costco :)

  4. BLESS your soul! But what an AWESOME way to end the day! Memories with Christian that will last forever! I feel for ya at Costco. I left my debit card, checkbook... everything and had to leave a cart full! Have a GREAT weekend!

  5. Oh the lines in Sams (our version of Costco) are NEVER short! That was some kind of day you had!! That is a perfect example of "when it rains it pours" if i ever heard one...but you sure did throw in a mega sized rainbow there at the end!!:) What a perfect spur of the moment thought for a perfect spur of the moment ending to the day! Ending in the black definitely!!:)
    have a happy day

    snuggly sick is the best!