"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween kids in the kitchen

(My Meow and her Meow Cookies)

This is not the healthiest of food choice weeks, but it's one we wait all year for.  Seriously.  

A few years back, I got sideswiped by begging kids at the grocery store and caved, buying a couple of those little Pillsbury ... Bisquick ... Betty Crocker ... whatever, recipe booklets that sit at the check out.  

We have used them to death.  Seriously.

I wanted to give credit to them by putting a picture of their worn nature here, but Celia took them to high school to peruse with her friends over lunch yesterday, as they plan for a Halloween shin-dig they are throwing here on Friday night.

I stressed a little when I found out that one of her friends asked to take them home to earmark what they will make for their party.

I looked Celia in the eye and sternly emphasized that we need to get those back because they are our favorite cookbooks.

She laughed and I laughed and then I put on my straight face and said, "Seriously".  Then she laughed with her friends and told them her mother had gone Halloween recipe crazed and needed them back, giving them her most serious face on my behalf.

Because, we are serious about dinner this time of year.  The kids and I have fun and Newel is an accommodating dad because he doesn't get to eat eyeballs and fingers all that often, really.

Homemade Meatballs and Spaghetti

National Hebrew Giant's Fingers.
(In sliced and inverted pretzel buns)

Owl cookies made from Pillsbury pre-made pizza crust. Slice, unroll the tips, fit two together with pretzel gold fish for nose, sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar, bake and place kisses for eyes. (I feel I must explain because Newel sauntered into the kitchen 
exclaiming "Oh, Snails!" and offended the cook).

Guacamole monster burgers ... 'nuff said.

Cemetery baked potato casserole.
Bake potatoes, slice a few length wise, cube the rest and fry for a minute in a pan with butter and season salt.  Put in a casserole dish and top with favorite chopped baked potato toppings.  We use onion, corn, bacon, tomato, cheese and bell pepper.  Write on the "tomb stone" potatoes with a little sour cream/ketchup mix in a plastic sandwich bag with the corner snipped.  Stick 'em in the ground and serve with sour cream.

And just because it's sort of food related and I have nowhere else to stick these ... we got this Yugoslavian Finger Squash in our farming vegetable co-op box last week.  It looks like it'd be miserable to peel and cook but ... after great dinners of fingers and eyeballs, it makes for a darn good massage.  Just sayin'.

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  1. The monster burgers are my fav. Such cute ideas!