"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who are you wearing?

I've been frustrated lately with how shabby my teens have been dressing.  I admit, I'm not a good back to school clothing shopper.  New clothing isn't really a necessity until the weather turns in October, anyway.

Then I stepped into the middle and high school ... and every child looks like they crawled out from under a rock.

So, I caved and took my teens shopping for a nice thing or two.

I walked into a store of their choosing at the outlet malls ... and everything on the rack looked like it had been run over by a truck ... more than once.

Now, I'm no fashionista.  We only got new shoes and blue jeans when we desperately needed them growing up.  Once in a while a box would come in the mail full of hand-me-downs from a cousin and we'd rip that sucker apart like hungry animals baring our teeth in challenge to any who might think of laying claim to what was now rightfully possessed.

But ...

Today's teen fashion seems to have a Salvation Army style to it.

And I said as much.

And I left the store.

And I drove on over to the Salvation Army with really irritated teens.

And then, my "hand-me-down" ways kicked into high gear.

And though my teens looked at me in disgust ... because lets face it ... we'd rather wear a $40.00 shirt that looks like it got run over by truck than one that actually DID ...

I had the greatest time ever.

I found this sweater for $2.00 ... and after feeling incredibly stupid taking pictures of my self ...     

I decided to hang them instead so you could see this perfect condition angora cardigan sweater for $3.00

These super soft pants I adore and seem never before worn for $5.00.

This cute blouse for $3.00.

And this one for $2.00

And vintage jacket I fell in love with for $10.00.  It takes a seamstress to know that it is quality made and who wouldn't adore that real leather binding?  It's fitted perfectly and I'm pairing it with a brown skirt and boots this fall.

Annie was playing with the camera and happened to snag me wearing these.  Anne Taylor shirt $1.50 and wide leg white pants for $2.00.

And the coup de grace.  This Calvin Klein dress with the tags still on in exactly my size which I bought for $7.00.  It was as though it was sitting there just waiting for me.  Not really being a sleeveless gal myself, I was excited to find a short cardigan on the clearance rack at Target for a few bucks that paired up beautifully. 

And so ... though my kids looked at me like they should hug me with rubber gloves and raincoat on ... and who are they to talk anyway with their fashionably ripped up jeans??  I felt like I'd had a winner of a day and for only $35.

I guess you can take the girl out of the hand-me-downs but you can never really take the hand-me-downs out of the girl.


  1. OH my goodness we are kindred spirits! I feel the SAME way about how kids dress! I thank goodness our school's strict dress code does not allow for torn or frayed edges. I would LOVE to have uniforms!

    On thrift store shopping; My girls and I spent TWO hours in a Goodwill store. It was AMAZING what we bought for $80... bags full... brand new Banana Republic skirt for me, Ralph Lauren sweaters... It was insane what great deals we found! LOVE your finds, especially that cardigan!

  2. I agree--I hate when new clothes already look trashed! And I was just planning an "I love goodwill" post for my blog. When i lost weight last year I gave away 95% of my clothes, and replaced most of them at goodwill. I got great things there, but the very best were the dresses. I am convinced that the rest of the world only wears their dresses occasionally, leaving them still in great shape for those of us who wear them weekly. (Or more!) The dress in this post was from goodwill. You can't tell how great it is from the picture. It is a bias cut Leslie Fay, in perfect condition--$4.69!!!
    http://crayzdaze.blogspot.com/2011/07/surprise.html Yay goodwill!!!

  3. My daughter and I just volunteered at a local Salvation Army a while back......and even though I have shopped in the past at both Salvation Army and Goodwill, I was shocked at the amount of good stuff they had....for our whole family! And, like you discovered, lots of it had never been worn....I am already planning on doing some Christmas shopping there!