"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Monday, January 30, 2012

Games people play

I just love it when a game of imagination gets going in another room while I'm busily dawdling away in the kitchen.  In those moments, the peacefully distant sound of ocean waves could not sound sweeter.  During a recent school day break, I was mentally drawn from the kitchen into the verbal exchange of just such a game.

Children flew about with capes and nerf guns tucked into their belts, homemade computers, ID badges and each with one of Newel's stray business cards in hand.

The ruckus charged past my kitchen post and off into the living room and I couldn't help but pause and poke my head around the corner in observation.

There was a quick exchange with a sentinel, a retina scan, a thumb scan, and then the password clearance code given of "Linford and Company, LLP CPA — CIA" before a mission dispatch was issued and the fray was off once again.

And I couldn't blame them one bit.  The same thoughts had crossed my mind for years as I'd stared blankly into the face of the question, 'What does your husband do?'

As far as we can tell, he makes audit accounting look that exciting.


  1. I love the imaginations of children!! So glad you got to capture it and enjoy the sweet moment :)

  2. I love those moments too! And I have to tell you that my kids "made" laptops all the time, including quite elaborate ones with aluminum foil outer shells.

    When people ask what Russ does, I make up some answer. And when I asked him once what he did, he said "I could tell you, but you wouldn't understand it anyway!"

  3. Fun! I laughed out loud at Eliza on her laptop! We have had many versions of that very laptop in our household....the most successful ones have been made with cereal boxes....they stand up better to the ....shall we say...."elements"?