"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Thursday, March 1, 2012

celia is 15

The day's exhaustion is setting in and as I hugged this girl good night, it all felt somewhat deja vu.  Fifteen years ago, I was pregnant and uncomfortable and tired and trying to survive one more day — every bit a copy of this day.   Only, that one ended with my very first baby to look at and marvel over.  She was perfect.  Perfectly perfect.  I couldn't believe how perfect and she had me hooked from the get go.

She really is one of my very best friends.  These fifteen years as a mother .... I would have caved so many times without her helpful nature, her smile, her one last hug telling me that I could do anything with her as my second set of hands.

And for that ... among so many reasons .... she will eternally hold a special place in my heart.


  1. happy birthday to your girl! she is beautiful! i only have 1 daughter..but would be lost with out her..she is like a second mother to her brothers! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Celia!!! It's so fun watching these little ones grow into women!

  3. Happy Birthday, Celia! What gorgeous pictures! It sounds to me as if you're both very lucky :)

  4. Time flies. Happy Birthday, Celia! I miss you!

  5. Nothing like those oldest daughters, is there!

  6. Such a sweet post! Love all of her pics~she is so pretty! It is amazing how our firstborn can be exactly what God knew we needed!! Happy Belated Bday Celia! hugs, Cathy