"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Friday, March 2, 2012

to be 15 again

Eliza and I squeezed against lockers in the main hall of the high school, waiting to intercept Celia during lunch passing period.  Teenagers en masse can be pretty intimidating, especially to one another, but we quickly realized how many we knew by their surprise and delight to see our familiar faces.

Standing there flooded with memories, Celia came down the hall looking much more at ease than when we'd taken her at the beginning of the school year. 

Still, we had to steal her away for an hour to a birthday lunch.

Nothing says good fortune to a teen like a mega variety pack of gum.  That stuff is currency on the inside.

Happy Birthday, gal.  That brief moment inside your high school world reminded me of how glad I am to be a pregnant mom of six and a half, pushing middle age ;)


  1. Celia is beautiful. How tall is she?

    And I love that little baby bump.

    1. Rachel, I'm 5'8" and she's passed me up at 5'10". Sunday she tried on a pair of my rarely worn six inch heels and I had do dissuade her from going to church and intimidating every other youth at being well over 6' in them :) I am glad she owns her height, though! I see so many girls be self conscious of being tall at this age. I worried as I watched her grow that she would too. Guess not ... heels and all :)

  2. 15 is good. and she is so beautiful! (i think i said that in my last comment!) and YOU look fabulous!! :)

  3. What a sweet sweet post. Love that sisterly love.
    And Pam is right...you do look fabulous!!
    have a happy day marlowe

  4. Thank you, everyone for our sweet comments regarding my growing baby belly! I'll take them as I do know that it only gets worse before it gets better ;)

  5. I love her earrings! Happy Birthday, Celia!

  6. Mar, I love these pics so much!! So sweet! My fave is the two of you and that gorgeous baby bump!! You are both beautiful!! hugs, cathy