"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in."

-- Robert Frost

Sunday, April 8, 2012

a christ centered easter

This year, business took Newel off to Germany on Saturday afternoon leaving us Easter-ing alone.

We missed him, but the occasion had us pouring all of our "fluff stuff" celebrations into Friday evening and Saturday morning and leaving Sunday for Easter's true spiritual meaning.

It made an amazing difference.

Tonight, before heading off to bed with one more hug, Janie looked up at me and said, "So, I don't get what chicks and bunnies really have to do with Easter at all."  And I felt more accomplished than I'd felt in awhile.  And I don't feel bad saying so because those moments in motherhood can feel rare and maybe oughta be documented.

(Sorry, no pictures with just the boys.  They tore their clothes off on the way to the house the moment I said we were done :)

Perhaps the difference began earlier last week with what I'm hoping to keep as a new Easter tradition.

During the week, at one of our evening family devotional times, we talked about our Savior's sacrifice and what it means to each of us ... that He picks us up when we fall short, we ask for forgiveness and try to do better.  Then, as a family, we read scriptures about trying to be like Him.

In particular, following in his footsteps, though we can't walk the hard path He walked all those years ago.

All that we hope for, is to walk in His steps day by day so that through the Resurrection, we can live worthily to be with Him as an eternal family.

And then each day, we traced the outline of our own feet and made a daily goal to really work on what we felt would make us more like Him as we created a path that would follow His ways.

By tonight, that path of feet, big and small, went all the way around into the kitchen.  I'd seen so many efforts to make those goals happen!

Annie stayed beside me all day Friday, bending over to pick up everything I couldn't reach. Offering to empty dishwashers, unload dryers and dress Eliza.

Grant caught himself time after time, ready to explode indignantly and then trying again in a softer tone.

Celia's compliments were contagious and you can bet I'm holding her to that "be on time to seminary" one tomorrow morning :)

And I thought my heart would burst wide open watching my little row at church keep their goals of "being reverent during sacrament meeting".

I hate to take them down tomorrow, but perhaps next year we'll start a little earlier and see how far our path can go to fill those oh, so much bigger footsteps.

Following a great church service, there was an easy dinner and watching my girls make my Grandmama Watson's wet coconut cake.  It made me miss her but was a fitting addition to our Sunday celebration of a time when we'll be together again.

(Note to self: This time, I halved the syrup so we wouldn't sugar coma and the cake was every bit as fabulous)

And we rounded out the evening by taking a walk with Christian who never stops talking and little girls who were obviously eager to lose the hair and frills for kitty pj's and Halloween cat costumes.

And then Celia said put the camera away and let us go home and actually eat that cake.  No, she's not boy crazy at all in that t-shirt she stole from her brother, why do you ask?

And so, we ate cake while watching a short message before bed about our Savior for whom we are all grateful that He loved us enough to be our older brother and showed us which path we should walk.

Happy Easter to you and yours! 


  1. love that tradition! such a great way to focus all week long. next year I will steal this one!

  2. I Love the idea of doing the footprints! I think we'll have to add that in to our Easter next year too! and i LOVE the first picture of you and the kids! Did you set up yourself and take it on a timer or with a control? Lovely lovely lovely!!! Hope Newel isn't gone for too long!! xo

    1. Felicity, I have a remote. I piled them up and jumped in the back and used the remote on continuous shoot until I was hopeful enough to have gotten one with everyone looking rather than playing with their neighbor. And then one of the kids stole the remote and the big ones took off making "out takes". Always the comedians :)

  3. Lovely pictures. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing. P.S. I think Janie looks particularly beautiful in these pics. : )

  4. When you say you halved the syrup in the cake... did you half the water/sugar (1 cup water to 1.5 cups sugar) measurements or half the entire icing recipe?

  5. that is a great idea about the footprints! you all look so nice all dressed up :)